Sunday, October 24, 2010

London Ontario Zombie Walk 2010

The sun may have been out today, but it didn't keep some delightfully dark Londoners from hitting the streets for the annual zombie walk

This. This is what makes me proud to live in this city. 

Bwahahah. The foot. THE FOOT. Bwhahah.

Kevin probably took much better pictures.
Zombie Elvis + zombie Elvis fan.

Nothing in this photo makes sense.

A different Day of the Dead.




Wait what?

This girl has the crazy eyes down pat. I hope she doesn't always look like that.

Cutest cannibals ever!

You shouldn't crowd surf with zombies.

You know, even though it's all makeup, there is something actually-scary about having a crowd of hundreds of undead clawing and growling at you. The kid above, he might have a few nightmares. Forever. And I'm not sure if he got that shoe back.

I say this every year, but for real this time, next year I'm going as a zombie. Someone kill me for real if I don't.


Steven Allen Adams said...

First, glad to see you're still blogging. Second, we'll be doing a zombie walk this weekend that I'm excited about.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I went to my first zombie walk, finally! Well, it was more of a zombie-milling-around, but that is how zombies roll. I have not done a post yet, but put a few pics on my Tumblr. Somewhere...

Forest City Fashionista said...

Thanks for posting the photos for those of us who were oblivious that the zombie walk was happening this weekend. I keep thinking one year I'm gonna do it too, perhaps as the "undead Forest City Fashionista", or an undead blogger.

Candice said...

This is freaking AWESOME.

ktboychuk said...

I am the girl with the creepy eyes >:)


Phronk said...

Steven: Glad to see you're still around too. Bloggers 4 life. I hope you document your zombie walk too.

Darius: Woohoo! Very cool. I've never seen zombies combined with jazz before.

Forest: Haha, a zombie with an "I'm blogging this" shirt would be excellent. :)

Candice: I KNOW!

Katy: Hahaha, amazing. So do you always have creepy eyes or was that a zombie thing?

Hey Lady! said...

We have a zombie walk here in Austin too, near the Capital. There's always an incident of someone getting scared or grabbed or something. I'm fascinated by this phenomenon, but also sort of scared. If you decide to participate next year make sure someone takes pictures!

Anonymous said...

Haha Im the pregnant zombie (:

Phronk said...

Nice! I hope the little zombie is doing well. You going tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post details about tomorrows walk... Or post a link to details thanks

Phronk said...

Details are on Facebook here: