Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Plan

My infrequent blogging lately is a symptom of two things:

1) Working all day / partying all night.

2) Waiting for something worth writing about before writing.

However, I've always insisted that the best blogs are the ones that give an insight into the consciousness of the blogger. Such blogs are usually best done in fleeting spare moments, with no planning or waiting for inspiration. Thus, I'm gonna start kicking it old-school and dropping more frequent, less meaningful posts. Tonight we gonna bloggy like it's 1999.


Rob said...

I thought that we were supposed to Rock And Roll all night and party every day. You're doing it wrong.

Phronk said...

At least this promises more drunken blogging.

SexyAnkles said...

I like the way you have put this. I have always struggled with how personal to make my blog. I too am going to reveal a little bit more of what is behind the curtain.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Phronk said...

Thank you!

Yeah I like blogs that are revealing. Blogging is the perfect medium for getting personal.

Hey Lady! said...

That's what I'm talkin 'bout! I'm always up for less meaning and more entertainment, and definitely more drunkin posts!

That and posts on internet dating. What you gonna get married so you can try out