Friday, August 17, 2012

At the Gym, Volume 6

I was getting pretty unhealthy there for a while. A combination of slower metabolism, a sedentary job, and eating an entire cake after every meal eventually got to me, adding pounds and inches. Having recently become single only brought more attention to this fact, because if my observations of the human race have been accurate, the only way to attract a new mate is to lift heavy things until I have (more) bulges in attractive places.

This means more observations of the crazy shit that happens at the gym.

Today: one of those guys who sits on gym equipment for minutes at a time, not working out, just staring off into space as if he's an old man sitting on a park bench. Somehow he is still leaking sweat. Perhaps to combat his moistness, he has adopted a strange new fashion accessory. This guy, he's wearing what appears to be a dishcloth on his head.

He's not using it to wipe himself or the machines down. It's just placed on his head, sitting there like knitted cotton toupee as he goes about his business.

I guess if you don't wanna splurge on a full-sized towel to throw over your shoulder, and don't have pockets, the top of your head is as good a place as any to carry your dishcloth on.

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Forest City Fashionista said...

I just saw you at the Uber Cool Stuff opening and I thought you still looked like your same cute self! Good for you for heading back to the gym; I've found it a huge struggle to get there this summer!

Phronk said...

You are too kind. :)

I think I actually saw you at the gym the other day! So at least you're getting there once in a while.

S said...

You've been caking, too? No Frills had a special on their coffee cakes. I never knew I'd be able to scarf down a full cake in one day.

Tatiana said...

Well, if its any consolation, being single is the most surefire way of losing weight, getting in shape, etc. etc. known to man. For once your very DNA is cooperating, and it never fails.