Thursday, June 07, 2001

I had a fun dream last night. I was in a hospital, wearing a hospital gown, even though I wasn't sick. Several other people were there too, and they weren't sick either. I wandered around for a while, trying to find out what was going on. Eventually I found that my family was there too. I asked my dad what was going on, and after questioning him for a while, I found out that he had put us all in the hospital so they could do experiments on us. I asked him "don't you think that's kinda immoral? Subjecting your family to secret experiments?" He then explained to me that he would be getting a LOT of money for letting them use his family. So I was like "oh, that's cool then. Yay, we're gonna be rich!" After a few days, I took part in the first "experiment." I was dressed up in a tuxedo, then put in a room with a bunch of other guys in tuxedos. In the room was a big-ass television with a video camera on top. The television showed what was being recorded by the camera. Apparently it was a "beauty contest", and we all had to look good for the camera, because we would be judged later (this part probably comes from the fact that I was at HotOrNot right before I went to bed, judging people on how hot they are). I thought it was pretty stupid, so I just stood there doing nothing. I think that's where the dream ended. I never found out if I won the beauty contest, but I hope I did. :)

Oh, and Moulin Rouge was really good. Obi-Wan sure can sing! And Nicole Kidman's nose looks weird when you see it up close. I dunno...just something about those nostrils.

Yesterday, I spent all my money and bought the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD, as well as Radiohead's new album, Amnesiac. I love buying DVDs. It's just so nice to put it there, between Charlie's Angels and Dark City, and realize that my beautiful pile of DVDs is now an inch thicker. Oh, and watching them is fun too.

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