Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Ok, so I'm gonna be an exhibitionist and write all my deepest, most personal thoughts here every day (approximately). I bet nobody's gonna read this, but at least it's fun for me.

So, what should I write about today? Well I woke up to find a horrible rash on my balls this morning, and it itches like hell. Haha just kidding. But seriously, I do kinda have a rash on my shoulder. You see, a few days ago I noticed some nasty ugly shoulder hair growing there. I decided to try getting rid of it, so I borrowed some "cold wax" stuff from my sister. Let me give you some advice: never use Nair cold wax shit. It's this big strip that you put on your skin, then immediately rip off. It's like the world's biggest band-aid, except instead of helping your skin heal, it actually rips your skin off. Oh, and it only rips skin off, not hair. So you're left with a bleeding, hairy mess.

Ok that's enough for today. Was that personal enough for you? Good. Now go away.

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