Monday, June 11, 2001

Weird things have been going on in my backyard lately. First, all of the fish in my pond were killed or eaten by a big-ass bird. He's attacked the fish before, but usually he only kills one or two. That was sad. Then, looking behind a bush beside the pond, I found three baby raccoons! They're the cutest things in the world...they're so small that they can barely walk, but they make little chirping noises and bite each other's tails. Unfortunately, their mother is probably far away. Our next door neighbour had caught an adult raccoon 3 days earlier (because it was trying to eat his pets) and took it to a forest a few blocks away. That was probably the mother. Either that, or that big-ass bird ate the mother. Either way, she's gone, and we don't know what to do. Yesterday, only one baby was still in the area, and I haven't seen any of them today. I hope that their mother finds them, or they learn to survive on their own.

Here's a raccoon eating Apple Jacks.

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