Monday, September 03, 2001

So I went to the zoo today. The orangutans were probably my favourite animals there. At one point, an adult orang dragged a little baby female into the middle of the compound and started raping her. Of course, all the parents stopped their usual "Oooo look Billy, the orangutang moved its left pinky finger!" and quickly moved on to the next animal. Most people probably think that the orangutans are weird because they do that sort of thing, but I think humans are even stranger, and the zoo is a good place to observe our strange behaviour. Like, what other animal on earth would think to lock up other animals in tiny cages, then pay money to watch the bored animals sit in their cages? Some people justify it by saying that there's educational value to it. However, when I overhear things like "look how big that monkey is!" (at the gorilla exhibit) and "wallabes and kangaroos are the same thing" being uttered by parents to their children, I find it hard to call it educational. I think the real reason we likes zoos is because of a weird human ego thing. We see animals locked up in cages, going crazy because they hate it there, and we feel better about ourselves. We're free and they're not...aren't we great. But are we really free? ARE WE REALLY???

P.S. I'm not really this cynical, I just like to pretend to be.

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