Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Phew. I've been so busy for the last 3 weeks or so. I've had so much work to do that I literally haven't had time to eat or sleep. Oh, but I did have time to go to the Music Without Borders benefit concert in Toronto this weekend. It was great fun...Alanis, Bruce Cockburn, The Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace, and The Tragically Hip were all there. All the money went to helping people in Afghanistan, so it was even for a good cause. There were some real assholes sitting behind us though. Why do people have to be assholes? Can't we all just be nice to each other and be happy? Sheesh.

Yeah, so anyway I finally have a moment to rest now. It feels good to finally be able to rest after having to work for 24 hours a day every day for 3 weeks. It also feels a bit strange though...I feel like I should be doing something productive. I usually don't feel that way...being productive means doing work, and I'm a lazy bastard. Oh well, I'm sure the feeling will pass.

Hey, are you bored? Then go to my university's homepage and move your mouse over the little picture of the paper boy. If you move your mouse on it then away from it real fast, it looks like he's bashing himself in the head with a rolled up newspaper. HAHAHAHAA...woo...hours of fun! Hmm. Yeah, I need something to do.

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