Sunday, April 28, 2002

Science is Fun

This web page is the most disturbing thing ever.

It's called "Home experiments for mothers of elementary school children." It's obviously translated from Japanese. Each 'experiment' begins with a poorly translated story about a mother and her kid doing their experiment. Here's an excerpt from "surprising experiments using a microwave machine":

Toshi: "Let's do the experiment you just mentioned right now!"
He likes anything to do with fire and something dangerous.
Toshi: "What? Just putting into a microwave? "

Hmmm. And then here's the "experiment"

Microwave a fluorescent light tube:
Place a fluorescent light tube in a microwave machine, close it s door and start the machine.

Other experiments involve creating fireworks out of pork, and "making slime." The weird thing is, I don't think this page was meant to be funny.

Current Best Song Ever: Complicated by Avril Lavigne. She'd be the hottest person ever if it wasn't for those stupid Alanis hand motions.

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