Friday, August 30, 2002


I was at a web site called The Straight Dope, and it was explaining to me why males have nipples. That itself was interesting, but I came across the following paragraph:

Human nipples appear in the third or fourth week of development, well before the sex characteristics. (The sex hormones start to assert themselves at seven weeks.) As many as seven pairs of nipples are arranged along either side of a "milk line," a ridge of skin that runs from the upper chest to the navel. Normally only one pair amounts to anything, but on about one baby in a hundred you can detect some vestige of the other ones, usually on the order of a freckle.

See?? I'm part of that freaky 1% of the population. I really do have 4 nipples, not just conveniently places birthmarks. And some of my friends doubted me. EAT IT.

Song of the Moment: Under the Milky Way by The Church. Yum, 80's.

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