Thursday, November 13, 2003

Day of the Dead

So, I hear Tupac's new movie is coming out tomorrow. Funny, since he's dead. I can understand it when a recently deceased movie star puts out a movie, like the dude from The Crow. I mean, they haven't started to rot yet, so they can still fake being alive pretty well. But Tupac's been dead for years...he must look pretty nasty and smell even worse. At least they called it "Tupac: Resurrection", in the tradition of other great horror movies like Alien: Resurrection, and Halloween: Resurrection. I guess they're trying to turn Tupac into a movie monster with sequel potential. Soon we'll be seeing "Freddy vs. Tupac", "Tupac vs. The Wolfman", and and "Tupac vs. Lefteye".

P.S. While I'm babbling about movies....I saw The Matrix: Revolutions recently. I think it was pretty darn good. It didn't really wrap everything up, which is OK I guess, but sometimes stupid people like me want everything explained instead of thinking for ourselves.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Hairy Chicks Rule

Sometimes, when it comes to movies, it's actually good to be Canadian. For example...Ginger Snaps, one of my most favouritest movies ever, is getting both a sequel and a prequel made. The sequel will only be released theatrically in Canada. January 23, 2004 is the date it comes out, so any of you who know me in real life better book that day off to come and see it with me. TWICE! Because apparently the prequel will go straight to video unless the sequel does well in theatres. So everybody, go see it, for my sake.