Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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So, my friend Geoff, who is a bounty hunter, decided to start a blog, which has inspired me to update my own blog. Thanks, Geoff. Thanks a lot.

Now maybe it's just me, but saying "thanks a lot" almost always sounds sarcastic to me. And saying "thank you very much" always reminds me of Elvis. This limits my gratitude options. "Thanks" is fine, but what if someone did something really nice, like took a bullet in the face for I still limited to "thanks" or "thank you"? That just doesn't seem strong enough. How about. "Thanks. You're good." I like that. People should say "you're good" to people more often.

So, I still haven't won in rrrrrroll up the rim to win. My girlfriend won a donut and gave it to me, but that doesn't count. Besides, I got a chocolate-mint donut, which tasted like toothpaste smeared on a chocolate donut, and I immediately gained 5 pounds and a double chin after eating it. "Win" my ass.

Enough random thoughts. Bye. You're good.

Song of the moment: Roses by Outkast

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