Friday, March 12, 2004

Spiffy Iffy Shitty Volume 1

It's time to play SpiffyIffyShitty! It's the game where I list things that are spiffy (good), iffy (both good and bad, or confusing), and shitty (shitty).

Spiffy: Free online DVD rentals in Canada. There are services available that let you rent DVDs from the internet. You make a list of movies you wanna see, and they send you the first 3 from the list. You return them whenever you want, then they send you the next one on the list. You pay about $25 a month for this, and shipping's included. But here's the great thing: There are about 8 of these services, all about the same, and each one gives you at least a 2-week free trial with no obligations. Eight times two equals 16 weeks of free movies. Then you get someone else in your house to sign up, and you're in movie heaven for months and months.

Iffy: Rrroll Up Rim to Win. I like having the chance to win stuff, especially big plasma TVs and cars, but I've rrrolled up the rim a few billion times and haven't even won a damn 35 cent cookie. Last year I rrrolled up 31 rims and didn't win anything (yes, I keep the losing rims and count them, because there's something wrong with me). Yet..."odds of winning a prize are 1 in 9". Very iffy.

P.S. In case you're stupid or American, rrroll up the rim is a contest at Tim Hortons where you roll up the rim of coffee cups and win prizes. Duh.

Shitty: Old Navy Commercials. Why are they talking like that? It's like it's trying to be "retro", yet nobody in history was ever braindamaged enough to attempt anything like that. And what's with the dude on the surfboard that says "toes on the nose, bros"? What's that have to do with selling me clothes? And what's his future like? I imagine it's something like this:
Old Navy Dude: "Wow, I'm so glad you agreed to interview me for this great role."
Interviewer Dude: "OK. So what other acting work have you done?"
Old Navy Dude: "I was the surfer in an Old Navy commercial!"
Interviewer Dude: "Oh. I thought I recognized you. Get the fuck out of my office."

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