Friday, April 02, 2004

The Power of Google

Here is a fun experiment. Go to Google. No really, do, you don't even have to type it, just click HERE. If my web programming skills are still in order, that should open in a new window. OK, now go to that window and type in "miserable failure". What you find should be amusing, what with the big goofy smile and everything.

The reason that Google allows such fun things is because it goes and looks for links on web pages to get its search terms. So if everyone made links to my home page that say "juicy hunk of man-flesh", anyone searching for juicy man-flesh will find exactly what they're looking for. A bunch of people 'bombed' George W by linking to his bio with the words miserable failure.

So, to do my part in the amusing manipulation of technology: miserable failure.

For more on this, and another goofy picture, go here: EKALSDJFALKSJFSAD.

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