Sunday, June 12, 2005


I have been setting up a Gmail account, which is a web-based email thing like Hotmail, but better. So I tried signing up with "phronk", and it informed me that it was taken. Taken! Some asshole had taken the sign-in name which I have been using since the birth of the internet. So I used "phronko" instead, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it. I cried.

Later, I searched Technorati, a site where you can search blogs for stuff, for "Phronk", to see if anybody was talking about me. The only result was this web site. Apparently some other dude named Frank has decided to call himself Phronk. Furthermore, he wrote in his blog that he had taken "phronk" as his gmail account! Ironically, the only reason he had taken "phronk" as his name was because his original choice, "fronk", was taken.

So now there's probably a "phronko" out there cursing me for taking his precious nickname.

P.S. I really did write that last post from a bathroom at school, using my cell phone. Isn't that awesome? I can now log every shit I squirt out, as I squirt it. Get it? LOG? HAHAHDHAHDSAHAHHADHFASodfudahe


Phronk said...

Phronko, your name sucks.

-The real Phronk.

Phronk said...

I'll get you next time, fake Phronk!

Phronk said...

I've been full fledged Fronk since about 1982, so I have seniority. I have no qualms about appropriating Phronk for my own use. I'll leave Phronk to you in my will.

Phronk said...

Listen sonny, I've been Phronk since 1980. And on top of that, Fronk does not equal Phronk. If you have issues, I suggest you take them up with the Fronk who stole your name. I'll even help you pry the name from his cold dead hands. Then we can put our differences aside and do happy dancing.

Phronk said...

You young whippersnapper! I've been *called* Fronk since about 1982, when I was in Grade 10! I was probably out drinking the nights you were conceived *and* born!

I do like your idea about kicking poser-Fronk's ass!