Monday, October 17, 2005

On Strike

I just figured out discovered how to cross stuff out so now I will never always write everything that comes into my head without editing anything as I type because I can always just cross it out later yoda. Today was such a busy day that I wanted to kill myself and spit on my own corpse wished I wasn't in school and doing two jobs. There is just so much shit crap to do lately that I feel like I don't have time to actually live my life. I'm so busy with school that I can't learn anything or produce anything. School has actually made me completely useless more stupid than I would be if I was just living life and reading about what I'm interested in. such as erotic Pokemon fan fiction Ah well, I guess things will get back to normal again soon and I'll actually be learning something in school university, and maybe even enjoying it. I can't think of anything funny to type bye now

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Harry J. Sachz said...

your site is hilarious... it's very rare that i come across someone with original ideas on the internet... i put a link to your page from mine, so you keep posting and i'll keep coming back... :)