Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Goldsberry the Deer Slayer

Check out this story about this dude, Wayne Goldsberry, who engaged in an epic battle with a deer, finally managing to snap its neck with his bare hands while standing in a pool of its blood.

Now, the deer had broken into his house, so it's not like he went hunting in the forest and forgot his gun. Still, though, I have to wonder if it was entirely necessary to enter the room where the deer was and pick a fight. He could've just shut the door and waited for the authorities to arrive.

However, think of it this way...people who do go hunting do it just for the fun of tracking and killing an animal. This guy killed to defend his home and family. Who is more justified in the murder? The deer wrestler is, in my opinion.

Plus, he does intend to have the deer processed for meat, so not only did he save his home, but he'll provide a hot meal for someone. Maybe he'll eat it himself...there would be something primally satisfying about consuming the large animal you just bested with your bare hands.


Harry J. Sachz said...

that guy is the manliest of men... he oozes bad assery... venison is good stuff though :)

oh, and to go along with that "O RLY" thing, apparently owl puke is on the top of the list for children's toys this christmas:

oh, and i did notice that you removed those ads, those were annoying... although, i'll make sure to click on the google links at least once a visit; so you can buy some kids owl puke this holiday season...

gardner said...

i have to say im a little disappointed by your lack of blogging...come on phronk