Saturday, November 19, 2005

Telefrancais Ananana OMG!!!

Whoa! Anyone remember Telefrancais? It was that horrible 10 minute show that all Canadian kids were forced to watch in french classes. Well I just came across the theme song here and it brought back all sorts of weird and wonderful memories. It even has its own YTMND.

Then I came across a whole bunch of other Canadian show theme songs! There are old classics like Sesame Street and Today's Special, but also shows I totally forgot about until today, like The Green Forest and The Edison Twins.

Oh and also be sure to listen to Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings. Obvioulsy Mike Myers watched a lot of crappy Canadian TV too.

Now I'll have these stupid songs stuck in my head for weeks. :(


(more awesome comics like this can be found at Dinosaur Comics.)


Andrew said...

Oh wow. I don't know where you found out about that comic, but it's pure genius. Almost as much as a talking pineapple.

Anonymous said...

i like telefrancais i wont to but the movies but i dont know where to buy them and it makes me so salmony mad!

modsuperstar said...

Wow, that was like a punch to the face from the 80's. I think hearing the themes to Jeremy The Bear, Green Forest and Dear Aunt Agnes was shocking given I don't think I ever anticipated ever hearing those again. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Kk i totally still have to watch those in french class at my school!. that crazy telefrancais song gets stuck in your head for the rest of they day!

Phronk said...

You still watch those? Awesome! I guess nothing has surpassed its genius in the 10 years since I was in French class.

That made my day that they still use them. It makes me salmony happy ! (?)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I (((LOVE))) Telefrancais!

Unknown said...

Merde alors!

I had to watch l'ananas in French class (in Massachusetts). In college, I was a waiter and would rush home after my shift to catch the 12:30 AM episode. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on Telefrancais... it was a good learning tool and a cute show. I watched it for 3 years in elementary school, and had to watch each episode 3 times and I STILL loves it :P I remember all the songs from it too
-The Radio one >.<
-The sauter un parachute one :P
-the nous sommes les etoiless..
& of course the theme song!
Teeeelllefrancais, Bonjour, allo, salut!!