Friday, December 16, 2005

More Saugeen Stripper Crap

For those who didn't get the "joke" in my last post, it refers to the scene pictured to the right.

Let me go back to the Saugeen strippers thing (Please note that part of the reason I'm posting about it yet again is because hundreds of people have found this site by searching for info about the strippers, and not unlike the strippers themselves, the attention fuels my ego, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.)

I have noticed a trend in stories involving sex at Western. They always get blown way out of proportion, and then myths spring up which sensationalize them even more. For example, for as long as I can remember, there has been a rumour that David Letterman's top ten list once involved the top places to get laid, and Western (or Saugeen) came first (or maybe second). If you've ever seen Letterman's top ten lists, they are usually one joke with ten punchlines. "UWO" isn't really a funny thing to say, especially for an American audience that's never heard of it. It just doesn't have the comedic appeal of "meat" being one of the "top ten words that almost rhyme with hat." The Gazette agrees that this rumour is probably false.

Then there's the recent controversy of a porn being filmed at a keg party near Western. This one's true, as there's evidence right there on tape in your local porn shop. But then, as I was reading all the hot London blogs (and other popular blogs which have picked up the story for some reason), I came across a comment on Gardner's blog...which describes a rumour that one of the dudes in the porn got AIDS from one of the porn stars. I have no idea if that's true, but it stinks of a myth to me. Professional porn stars, of all people, would probably be careful about that sort of thing. At least, that's what I gather from watching Family Business.

Soon, this story about the strippers will probably involve two goats and a giant jar of peanut butter. And they'll have been kicked out of university, only to be paid three millions dollars to molest Johnny Carson's corpse on national television. Or something.

P.S. Some people have made a good this more degrading to the women, or to the dorky looking guys sitting there with a boner while a naked woman has complete control over them? It all seems like good clean fun to me, but if it is degrading, it is equally so for both sexes.

P.P.S. It's fun to see that some people can be complete pricks about the whole issue. This article is nicely judgemental, with a hint of comparing this to actual serious issues, and a pinch of broad generalizations about the entire city of London. Sheesh. Some people need to get laid and/or play with themselves more often.

P.P.P.S. (I don't wanna make a whole new post for this): I didn't realize how huge this is! One of the most popular blogs in the world, Tony Pierce's "Busblog", has posted about this several times, including an interview with someone who went to Saugeen a few years ago. Not exactly insider info, but a fun read. And most surprising of all is that "Saugeen" reached number 3 (maybe higher) on Technorati. Technorati is a directory of all blogs...the place to go to find out what's popular on the internet at the moment. The lovely stripper has been beating out the likes of King Kong and George Bush as the most talked about thing in the ENTIRE WORLD. Why does one naked girl (well, two actually) make such big news? I have no idea, but it makes me damn proud to go to UWO.

There are even Saugeen T-shirts for sale! Hahaha...funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the AIDS thing, I would think they have mandatory tests for all participants.

And you make a good point - everyone involved looks like a tool in the end. A couple of those guys looks like they are seeing their first glimpse of nudity in quite some time.

The moral of the story is that cameras and stripping aren't good, unless you're not in the pictures, in which case everything is peachy.

Phronk said...

Yeah, some of those guys look like 15 year olds who've never seen a naked women except on free trials for porn web sites.

And I kinda remember something about STD testing in the UWO porn (actually called College Invasion 3). It just makes sense...the porn stars should be just as afraid of catching AIDS from a dirty college student as the college students are of the porn stars.

Harry J. Sachz said...

That's funny, I don't remember her having 4 breasts in Total Recall.. but, then again, that was like 15 years ago... Enjoyin' your new paint program there Phronk?.. Like Al Bundy said, "The perfect woman has three breasts - one on the back for dancing!"

Phronk said...

You know, I thought she had less breasts in the movie too, but that's the picture that came up in Google. I think our memories are just broken.

Al Bundy is a hero. What I wonder if what happened to Bud Bundy. The rest of them went on to successful careers, but Bud hasn't done anything. Poor guy. Maybe I'll hire him to clean my house.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's "PPS and PPPS", not "PSS" or "PSSS."

cman said...

1. University is called The university of Western Ontario
2. Saugeen is a residence within western
3. no pornstars involved
4. this was for kid's 18th birthday
5. do they even look like pornstars? no
6.Where in God's name do u see a keg...this is just some freshman students having some fun on a kid's birthday
7. prolly their first time seeing T&A
8. stripper is actual student attending western, did this voluntarily

Phronk said...

Anonymous: Right you are. I will keep that in mind for future post scripts.


1. Um, ok. UWO or Western for short. Thanks for the reminder though.
2. Yes. We all knew that. But thanks. ... ?
3 - 8. You're confused, sir. There are two seperate things being discussed here. The "saugeen stripper" photos, and the porn which was filmed in London involving Western students and porn stars. I don't think I implied that they were the same event, but I'm sorry if you got that impression.

Anonymous said...

saugeen shirts have been around a long time before this.

Phronk said...

OK...I have a feeling that they didn't have shirts reading "the saugeen stripper sat on my face" until now, though.

Anonymous said...

The Letterman thing IS true and the reason UWO made it on is because his side kick musician guy..I forget his name...went to Western and lived at Saugeen.

Anonymous said...

and the joke he made wasn't something about it must be easy because even the music guy got laid.

Phronk said...

Until I see proof of this, I'm going to be extremely skeptical.

Just for fun I did a little research, and found no evidence that Paul Shaffer lived in Saugeen. It looks like he went to the University of Toronto, not UWO.

This whole rumour is usually referred to as an urban legend, and I've never seen the entire top ten list printed anywhere.

And I repeat...when has Letterman ever done a list that's remotely serious, let alone one that's blatantly sexual and juvenile?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have nothing to do but to write shit about western. Did they reject you or are you just jealous of the fun all UWO student gets?

Phronk said...

Yes. I'm jealous of Western. That's why I wrote "shit" like "I am damn proud to go to UWO." Because that makes sense.

It's probably good that you posted anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with your post, and I love how you made sure that you pointed out the degradation (if there was any at all) was for BOTH males and females.

Personally, I don't know why it got so much media coverage because it can't possibly be the first time someone's stripped in the privacy of their own residence room at a University. I mean, yeah, even I have digital nudie photos, and I heard that she put them online herself. Is this really that much of a first for a University? Part of the reason you go is for the fun and freedom to drink/strip/have as much sex as you want in a liberal, non-judgemental environment!

Funny, I didn't know about the Saugeen stripper until today. (Nov 2006).

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Porn? And where can I see it?