Monday, January 09, 2006

Real Live Cyborgs

Related to yesterday's post about warp drives, I came across this story about people who implant chips in their hands in order to control electronic stuff. In other words, cyborgs.

Unlike yesterday's post though, this future-like technology is actually less futurey than it seems. People have already done it, and anybody can do it themselves, today, for as little as $52. Neato.

While very cool, I'm not about to go do it myself. Who knows what the long term consequences are...I don't want the little chip coming loose and floating around in my bloodstream. Or pushing itself out of my skin in some gory infected mess. Plus, the page linked to as the source for info about this technology isn't exactly professional, with its "techincal info" and "pages by memebers" [sic x 2]. But hey, I'm sure some compnay will develop a secure and well-tested commercial version soon, and then maybe I'll consider it. Because it is SUCH a pain in the ass to reach all the way into my pocket, pull out a key, put it in the door, and turn that doorknob EVERY time I want to enter my house.

BONUS LINK: Here is a review of the 1989 movie "Cyborg", starring Jean Claud Van Damme. It looks like a great shitty movie. Here's one of my favourite quotes from the review: "the distinguishing feature of the director’s works is that while they are often set against events of literally apocalyptic proportions, nothing actually happens in the films themselves."


Anonymous said...

Dude, you don't wanna put that shit under your skin. Computer chips have some crazy shit in them. Why do you think there is special 'electronics recycling'? That shit is, much like Britney Spears, 'Toxic'.

P.S. Britney is hot in the video, but chips under the skin are not.

Phronk said...

Unless something goes wrong and they overheat.


But yeah, something that's not fit for a garbage dump probably isn't good to stick in one's body.

Britney is hot in that video. It's unfortunate that she becomes repulsive (or, at best, average) as soon as she loses the makeup and lighting and airbrushing.

Anonymous said...

And pregnant. And married to a hobo.

And having AIDS.

Hey, if she does turn out to have it, you heard it here first, kids.