Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Return of the Saugeen Stripper

censored saugeen-stripper-20

Degrading for who?
The Saugeen Stripper Scandal happened at an unfortunate time. School had just ended for Christmas. The university newspaper never got a chance to write about it, and the gossip never got a chance to reach its full potential. However, I've noticed that the majority of the people finding my little web site here are coming from Google searches for information about the stripper. It's still a popular topic (it even has a Wikipedia entry!), and I have a feeling that with school back in, it will be even more so in the coming weeks.

So, I ask myself again, why is this a big deal?

With the rise of the internet, anybody can find thousands of pictures of naked women in a matter of seconds. Why do a handful of pictures grab so much attention, then?

I think it has to do with reality. Since this (supposedly) happened at The University of Western Ontario, it really hits home to any Western student. Most of them know that they will never meet or have anything to do with this girl, but the mere possibility makes this much more exciting than some random porn star on the internet. It's the same as any local news story being more interesting than something happening on the other side of the world. The London A-Channel news can devote 5 minutes to a story about a local man who wrote a book about squirrel etiquette, but then spend 1 minute talking about a war killing millions of people in some foreign country.

Another reason that this story specifically is fascinating is that it validates all the dirty rumours about Saugeen Maitland Hall. The place has always been the subject of jokes about the stuff that goes on there, but nothing like this ever proved it was true (to my knowledge). UWO's "party school" reputation has also been validated, to an extent. Not that I think this is necessarily true...I'm sure stuff like this happens at every university all over the world. They just don't have the pictures to prove it.

In any case, this is a nice little chapter in UWO's history. I thank the stripper for providing me and many others with lots of material to talk, write, and argue about.

P.S. Here is another post about the stripper at Saugeen

P.P.S. More Saugeen Stripper crap

P.P.P.S. Thanks to the anonymous dude who pointed out that it should be "PPPS", not "PSSS"


Anonymous said...

I love it, the resurrection. My site got something like 10,000 hits in a day at its peak.

Phronk said...

Heheh, that's crazy. I admit that the only reason I'm revisiting this topic is to get more hits. I'm a slut for attention.

gardner said...

apparently you are an attention whore ;)

but you didn't mention the western porn...that too got a lot of attention and made western look more like a party school

now we have strippers and porn stars to be proud of :)

Phronk said...

There's a whole lot of whoring going down.

The Western porn was pretty groovy too. I did mention it in a previous post, but some readers got confused and thought the stripper and the porn were the same thing.

I guess Western students are better at getting naked than they are at reading comprehension.

I know I am. I'm naked right now.

Or am I?!

No. I'm not.

gardner said...

sorry i didn't read the other post...guess i'm just too lazy to scroll down