Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm playing with a new web site thingy called Labelr, which allows one to label / categorize posts. There should be a new list of categories on the sidebar to the right, and new posts should now show categories they're filed under. The software is in its early stages, so things might look a little messed up, but it's quite amazing what this thing can do already. It makes up for a big feature that's mysteriously missing from Blogger.

I also got rid of the Guestbook here. It wasn't being used by real people, but lots of evil spammer robots were sending ads to it. Stupid robots. You can still find old guestbook posts if you dig around here, though. In case anyone actually reads anything other than this blog part. Actually...who am I kidding...nobody even reads this part.


Phronk said...

I read your blog!

Phronk said...

You don't count.

Jason said...

Looks like we agree about the cartoon crap.

OK, back to the beach for me.