Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movies x 24

I'm so friggin tired. I spent all day yesterday at a friend's semi-annual-ish Movie Day, where we watched movies for 24 hours straight. I made it through most of them, and thus got very little sleep.

So how about I review a bunch of movies? Ok, sounds like fun.

Primer: A very smart science fiction movie about time travel. A little too smart. While it's interesting, it degenerates into an intentionally confusing mess. I like movies that require thought, but this one requires multiple viewings to even begin thinking about it. Still, I enjoyed it, and I do want to see it again, so I can't not recommend it. That last sentence was intentionally confusing too.

Last Days: Artsy fartsy movie about a Kurt Cobain-like rock star's, um, last days. Has its moments, but ends up being really, really boring. Watching the dude from Dawson's Creek eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese isn't riveting, even if he does look a lot like Cobain.

Kung Fu Hustle: Over-the-top kung fu movie. Kinda like a live-action Dragonball Z, or The Matrix on drugs. Not serious in the slightest, this movie is extremely entertaining. Some of the most creative violence I've seen in years. I'm really glad this movie exists.

The 40 Year Old Virgin: While I was somewhat depressed by how much I could identify with the main character, this was a hilarious movie. It also had a bit of realism and emotional weight that I didn't expect. Between this and The Office, Steve Carell is becoming one of my favourite people.

Ok that's enough crappy reviews. Here is some advice for anyone who wants to watch movies for 24 hours: eating an entire Toblerone bar does help keep you awake, and is also very good for your heart. I know this because I'm training to be a doctor. Eat your chocolate, kids!


Harry J. Sachz said...

hahaha... CLASSIC! kung fu hustle is great.. god i love that movie... my wife fell asleep during it (and king kong, domino, weatherman, waiting.., etc.)... also, check out the movie "kung fu mahjong"... not sure if they have a version that's in english, but funny none the less....

i'm confused, however... you reviewed 4 movies, but on average each movie runs a little over 2 hours... that only equals about 8 hours or so... what else did you watch?..

Phronk said...

Nice, I'll have to get my hands on Kung Fu Mahjong. From the title alone I can tell it must be amazing.

Yeah, I only picked a handful to review. Others included Hellraiser (a classic), Once Upon a Time in China, Tonari No Totoro, Sin City, etc etc. I fell asleep before Brothers Grimm, but I've heard that it's not worth watching anyway.

Anonymous said...

Brothers Grimm is fucking awful.