Thursday, April 06, 2006


I got a rather unusual email/comment a few days ago. It was in response to a previous post of mine about faster than light space travel. At first I thought it was some strange spam, but in reality it's from a scientist who is the author of a paper on FTL travel, M. Mansouryar. Here is what he wrote:


Probably my releasd paper about the schematic design of a practical spacewarp can be considered as one of your favorites. That's placed on:
The aim of this email to you is providing the possibility of introducing it to more numbers of people which I believe that's in favor of improving the science and a service to the mankind. However, your personal opinion on my work is important to me too. I guess you might be able and/or interested to help me at least via making a link of the above address within your page(s) or presenting it to more media. So, please give a clear answer to my request.

Best Regards
M. Mansouryar

P.S.: A simplified description of my work is viewable on:

I skimmed the actual article and summaries, and it's fascinating stuff. The article is very technical and I don't know a whole lot about theoretical physics, but he certainly seems to know what he's doing (though it's clear that English is not his first language). The only way that technology is going to advance is if people like Mansouryar challenge conventional assumptions about physics. Thus, I am happy to promote the article and encourage people to check it out.

Maybe one day we'll be Star Trekking all over the universe thanks to Mr. Mansouryar.


Jason said...

I read an interesting book about stuff like this and advances in astronomy but when it got to string theory I started to fade out.

aside: Never ask your physics professor for his astrology notes (he was so unimpressed)

Phronk said...

Cool. I'm reading Brian (Bryan?) Greene's "The Elegant Universe" right now. It's mostly about string theory, but starts with a nice overview of what we know about the universe so far. I like it so far.

Heheh...astronomy, astrology..same thing, they're both about looking at stars.

Anonymous said...

Star Trek continues to influence technology.

Butchie said...

Are there any pictures of boobs in that shit?

toobusyliving said...

Thank Butchie but you are tagged for the dirty meme on my blog

Anonymous said...

Here's one to wrap your head around:

Phronk said...

Cool, thanks Captain. Very interesting. I'm a little frightened that we are close to pulling off things like time travel, but we still don't have a grasp on the philosophical and practical consequences. Like, the guy in that link thinks it's safe because he believes in a multiple universe model. OK...but a lot of physicists DON'T believe that model, so it's very possible he's wrong. What becomes of the Grandfather paradox then?

Butchie, I think I saw boobs somewhere in there, but it may have been a hallucination brought on by thinking too hard. Happens all the time.

Nölff said...

George Bush does not care about reading books.

toobusyliving said...

I didn't believe that anything could move that fast until I saw Jimmy manoevre towards the buffet here.

Phronk said...

Mmmm, Mandarin.

Anyone heard of Fu Lam City? It was kinda like Mandarin, except they served cats. Or at least that was the rumour going around, and probably the reason they went out of business (whether it was true or not). It was also known as "Fu Lam Kitty".