Monday, April 24, 2006

Ugly Toilet Cake

My friends and I have a tradition of baking ugly cakes. Often, when there is an event to celebrate such as a birthday, we will bake such a cake to commemorate it. They are all edible, but have something about them which qualifies them as "ugly". Past examples include a cake with a log cabin made of meat on top of it (for a vegetarian), a cake depicting a car crash in the middle of Africa (including meaty bodies and curious animals), a block of cabbage covered in icing (for the same vegetarian when she didn't enjoy the meat cabin), and an egg-shaped cake complete with yolk and a rubber chicken inside (which I thought was real when I first cut into it).

Last night, a friend (who will remain anonymous for soon-to-be-obvious reasons), came home from university for the summer. Over the year, we had gotten word about a curious incident in this friend's life. One day, he and his girlfriend were, um, "giving each other a special hug" in the bathroom, and managed to break a toilet. Thus, when he came back, we celebrated this wonderous expression of love with a beautiful ugly cake:



It's a broken toilet, complete with dirty toilet water! I had no part in the actual construction of the cake, but they did a wonderful job of getting the texture of porcelain right. Plain icing wouldn't do, so I guess they put on a layer of hardened icing sugar. Nice. The water is yellow Jell-O, and the poo is replicated by a wet Oh Henry bar. It was completely edible and actually tasted deliciously delicious.

Here are more pictures:





One day I hope to find pictures of old ugly cakes to share with the interweb. There will also be more in the future, I'm sure.

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DogGirl said...

Vegetartians are not of this world.

Jason said...

Holy f*** that was disgusting. I may have to steal the "ugly cake" idea for some friends of mine. Great idea.

Did they hug so tight that Mr. Stork may come by for a visit?

sarah said...

ewwww... that's awesome and hilarious, but I would not eat it. that's quite extravagant for a joke. oh grad students and the rigorous extent they will go to for a dumb joke. that's why you're a geek. i'm not though.

Phronk said...

He just might! Then there would be another cake to celebrate with.

I'm already thinking of ideas...aborted fetus cake? No, how about an accurate depiction of the female reproduction system (complete with lifelike edible fetus).

toobusyliving said...

I'm so hungry from not eating right now that the cake looks delicious to me.

George Larson said...

Not eating is also on my list of things that make me hungry.

I wonder if this is a commonly observed action and correlation.

Anonymous said...

OK. I read the first sentence or so and was ready to go all 'somebody makes you a cake and you say what?' but that really is a bloody ugly cake.

Anonymous said...

I actually almost gagged a little bit.

Butchie said...

That is fucking awesome.

your judgemental aunt said...

"special hug" i love that.

Anonymous said...
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