Monday, May 01, 2006

Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch

I'm trying something new here. A site I visit frequently is Digg - a news site where news is submitted and controlled entirely by its readers rather than editors. Kinda like Wikipedia for science and technology news. Anyway, one feature is that you can easily blog any story right from the Digg site.

So here is the first story I've felt compelled to blog about. It's a short documentary about Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch. It's weird that I came across this now, because just on the weekend I was watching some Bruce Lee movies while flipping through channels in a drunken/hung over state, and made a mental note to myself to learn more about Bruce Lee. My mental note prayers were answered!

Enjoy. I hope this works. (oh, the link is below)

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Anonymous said...

Digg is ridiculously good, except anything incorporating "All Your Base" jokes are dugg way too much.

sarah said...

this looks cool... I can't watch the video cause I am on a library computer with no sound. I will watch it later, believe you me. I just wanted to comment now because you are my favourite imaginary blogfriend who doesn't actually exist. hi! I'm also procrastinating hardcore ofcourse.

sarah said...

that was a cool documentary, but they should have interviewed me because I once killed a man with a 1/2 inch flick of my finger.

Phronk said...

Hi blogfriends!

Wow Sarah...when you said "I'll watch it, believe you me", I didn't really believe me you, but then you actually came back. Huzzah! I'd be scared of your 1/2 inch flick, but I once murdered an entire commune of nuns with a wiggle of my left buttcheek.

Jason said...

I was hoping Digg was my "secret" place to get good stuff. I sometimes use Stumbleupon and Delicious too.