Friday, May 26, 2006

How to be a Loser

It is no secret that I'm a geek. But if you want to see exactly how much of a geek I am, check out my Xbox 360's blog. This site tracks everything I do on my Xbox, then makes a blog from the machine's perspective. You stalkers out there can see exactly which game I'm playing right now (or if I'm watching a DVD or listening to a CD), as well as which games I've played during every past day of my sad, sad life.

It also tracks achievments, which are one of the most addictive things about the new Xbox. When you do certain things in games, you get "gamerscore" points which everyone can see. So it encourages you to try to do everything that can be done in a game.

One of my favourite new games (as you can see) is UNO. I used to like the card game back in the day, because it doesn't have all the fancy rules of Euchre or Asshole. You just hope you get lucky and make the right choice at the 2 or 3 points in the game where you actually have a choice of what to do. It takes so little brainpower, that people online are actually able to carry on a conversation beyond "that guy is a fag because he shot me with a gun in the game where you shoot people with guns". Fun stuff.

Is it bad that I'm 26 and still playing video games on a somewhat regular basis? Naaahh. What's the point of growing up and having disposable income if you can't do things you enjoy with it? (Why grow up at all? Oh...because this will happen if you take it too far.) Besides, the average game player is in their 20's now. Games are becoming mainstream entertainment as the kids who grew up with them get older. One day I bet they will be equivalent to movies and TV in that almost everyone, no matter what their age, enjoys them.

So there ya go. This stuff is also accessable on the side bar over there --> . If any of you reading this have an Xbox 360, be sure to add me to your friends list (my gamertag is Phronk). We can be losers together.


Anonymous said... are such a GEEK!

Phronk said...


Anonymous said...

The 360 site is a freaky. If my PVR has a site, I'm doomed.

Jason said...

You are not a geek. You are 26, getting your masters and have a girlfriend. I have none of those things.

You are geek x (-1)

Phronk said...

Salem: Yeah that would be scary. Nobody needs to know how much time we spend watching Flavor of Love.

Jimmy: Nooo, not more math! But hey, you're in school for something, and I would hope you don't have a girlfriend. Plus your avatar has handlbars and a mullet. Therefore, you are geek x (-3.8).