Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Making the Bed

What's the point of making your bed?

"It looks nice" is probably a common answer. OK, sure, it looks nice, but who are you trying to impress? How many people enter your room on a daily basis? Unless you're a megaslut, it's probably just you, and maybe a partner, who see your bed on a regular basis. Does it really cause you that much distress to see a wrinkled bed? So much that it's worth taking the time and effort to make it look pretty every single morning?

I doubt it. Even you are only seeing your bed for a few minutes out of every day. You wake up, make your bed, then leave for the day. Then you come, maybe see your bed for a minute as you change or whatever, and the next time you see it you're getting in bed for the night and getting it all messed up again. Again, do those five minutes of viewing time make it worth doing up?

The only valid argument I can think of for making your bed is that it's more comfortable to get into a freshly made bed at night. You might as well do it in the morning for the added bonus of the bed looking nice for the whole day, but the primary reason is comfort. OK, maybe true, but personally I don't know if that intitial comfort of getting into a made bed is worth the daily effort.

I think it's more likely that we've all just been brainwashed to go through the motions of making our beds. Our parents made us do it when we were young, so we just keep going at it. Is there any logical reason for it though? Discuss.

P.S. Today's topic was inspired by this blog post.


George Larson said...

I agree!

It's like wiping your ass.

I mean, you will quickly get accustomed to the smell - which is natural - and won't even notice it.

Next time you've made poopsies, flush your obsessive vanity with the chunks and walk proudly away from that toilet.

Anonymous said...

I only make the bed when I'm going to have a girl over.

toobusyliving said...

I've been a duvet guy since I was about 10 - no bed making required.

ps: I think you'll like the post I just put-up!

Anonymous said...

i agree making the bed is complete and utter bullshit. no point. you're just going to mess it all up again....unless company is coming of course.

Phronk said...

Thanks for understanding, George.

Sometimes I make the bed extra messy when company is coming, just to show them that I'm a rebel and I don't give a shit.

Jason said...

There is no making of the bed.

toobusyliving said...

I like "unmaking beds" sometimes too even though I got sick from doing that :(

sarah said...

thanks for the for the props, yo! I'm glad I inspire so many wonderful things.

to play devil's advocate: what's wrong with things looking nice? I'm not necessarily trying to impress anybody, but things just look kinda better if they are neat and tidy. I don't practice what I preach though. I have never in my entirely life made my bed, though it's something I would like to start. Also, it's really nice getting into a freshly washed bed of crisp sheets all made and orderly. That's the best feeling. I also like to take my socks off in bed because that is the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. However, that is irrelevent to the point at hand. Just make your bed, complainer.

Anonymous said...

guess if sarah is colossal nightmare or not?

Phronk said...

I don't deny that looking nice is...nice. But I don't think the tiny benefit of looking nice outweighs the cost of making it. Other people may put more value on the niceness though. I do agree that getting into a freshly washed and made bed right after the socks come off is a great feeling. Maybe not the BEST thing to do in bed, but it's close.

Oh and stop complaining about me complaining and go make your own bed, complainerer!

Anonymous said...

Bed-making is very overrated.

The only reason I would consider it is if I have a lady coming over.

sarah said...

and you know captain bee, he gets ALL the ladies!

DogGirl said...

Making the bed just impedes the throngs of men and women to my bed.

George, remind me not to let you in the herd with your swamp ass.

George Larson said...


Don't let me in the herd with my swamp ass.