Monday, May 29, 2006

Sleep Sucks

I recently read about a drug being developed that will allow people to stay up for 36 hours, or even a few days, at a time, without any of the side effects of things like caffeine.

Now most people will think this is creepy. That we shouldn't play God and mess with nature like that. But not I; sign me up, I want to get rid of sleep altogether. I remember in my 2nd year of university I read a lot about sleep. Most of the best sources seemed to agree that sleep serves little purpose today. One theory is that we only sleep at night because it would be dangerous for our ancestors to be out and about at night. Since we can't see in the dark, we'd be likely to fall into a lake or the mouth of a tiger. Much better that we just lie dormant in a cave while it's dark.

This doesn't apply today, where we have electric lights all over the place. We can have artificial daylight 24 / 7. Think of how much more time we could have to be productive, and more importantly, have fun and enjoy life, if we didn't have to spend 8 hours a day lying there doing nothing.

People will say "oh, but I like sleeping". Well yeah, me too, but I only like it when I'm tired. If a pill made it so I was never tired, I'd never feel like sleeping.

OK, so there are some advantages to sleep. Dreaming is the biggie. I love waking up and remember all the crazy ass dreams I had. Dreaming is one of the purest sources of creativity in everyday human life, and it would be a shame to lose it. There is also evidence that sleep helps with certain brain functions, such as consolidating memories.

So here's my ideal situation: We take a pill once a day, 6 days a week, that keeps us awake and alert 24 / 7. This gains us 8 x 6 = 48 hours = 3 WHOLE WAKING DAYS (assuming we're awake 16 hours per day) of extra time per week. There are people who can write novels in three days! Then, like God himself, on the 7th day we rest. We skip the pill and get a good night's sleep, gaining all the benefits of sleep and waking up with some sweet dreams.

It's a perfect solution to make life awesomer for everyone. Disagree? You're wrong.

P.S. Here's another fun link: How to Become an Early Riser. Just remember that this is some random blogger who might not know what he's talking about.


Jason said...

I thought we need sleep to repair some of our body's systems. Maybe not.

Not sure about this though. Once I tried crystal and was up for two days and I just got bored being awake. Maybe that's a bad example.

I'll go now.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, take away one of my favourite things!

sarah said...

really? we don't need sleep? sleep is just the man trying to bring us down? we do have to recuperate, don't we? I don't know... I am dubious. It would be awesome if I never had to sleep obviously, but I can't imagine not needing it. Even when I have caffeine and I am wide awake or have taken drugs that keep me awake I can still tell that I'm very tired and should be sleeping... are you sire we don't need it?

Phronk said...

You're all wrong. (see post)

But seriously, yeah, maybe sleep does have some purpose. It's just not as obvious as it seems...people still debate this. Perhaps we could get just as much recuperation done if sat on our asses watching TV for 8 hours a day.

The only obvious problem with not sleeping is being tired. If we could eliminate that symptom, then maybe there would be no ill effects.

Maybe there would, though. I've heard of cats dying from sleep deprivation. So it's still a confusing issue.

Dani Kekoa said...

Sounds Great! Sign me up!

Personally, I kinda like the euphoria feeling after mega-doses of caffeine and amphetamines. :>

But, I also like to sleep and have crazy dreams too.

Jason said...

Jesus never took amphetamines or got high on caffeine. Why would you?

Crazy dreams, like you'll wake up and no longer be a bigotted monster?

Dani Kekoa said...

Well, Jason - you moron - Because I'm not Jesus, and I like to drink coffee and lots of it! Have a problem with that? Uh-oh! Does that make me a bad Christian?

I’m sure if there were Starbuck's back in Jesus' day, He'd be drinking a java chip frappuccino right now too.

But then again, He did turn water into wine...and drank it! Come to think of it, He drank wine quite a bit. Hmmm? Bad, bad Jesus! I like to drink wine and margaritas too, whatcha think about that, huh?

Besides, what do you care Jason? You're going to burn in hell anyway - so you better live it up while you can.

Phronk said...

It's nice of you to confirm that you're a bigotted monster, Dani, but please don't call names and spread hate on a completely unrelated post on my blog here. Use your indoor voice.

And I thought you were starting to be nice. Bad Dani! Go to your room!

P.S. It's good that you're drowning your sorrows in caffeine and booze while you can - because if God is at all sane, you'll be the one burning in hell for all eternity.

Dani Kekoa said...

Yup that's me, the bigotted monster!

But I'll be sure not to call anyone else names around here, cuz we all know that name calling is not very Christian - only heathens do that.

If you need me I'll be in my room drowning my sorrows in caffeine and booze. Got any pills?

Phronk said...

I've got Tylenol, but it's not very tasty unless you crush it up with a spoon and put it in apple sauce.

sarah said...

aww... dani was just trying to be nice in her earliest post. I feel bad that she was lashed out at when she was coming from a good place. It seems like she was trying to make peace... but then again she has said some pretty evil things to hurt everyone in the world's feelings... I think I'm a softy and would have responded to her benevolent comment with more benevolence. That might be too nice? Then she might not have told anyone that they were going to burn in hell later as a response.... she might have though. hmm... Just thinking out loud.

Phronk said...

No you're right Sarah...we've all been sorta mean here. I guess it's just hard to get along when we disagree on some fundamental issues. I do think Dani seems like a decent person when issues like homosexuality and religion are not being brought up.

So Dani, sorry for the meanness. It wasn't called for in this context.

Dani Kekoa said...

Thanks Sarah, that is nice of you. I'm not used to people coming to my defense.

Yeah - I guess you guys can’t handle it when I get a little silly and sarcastic. My bad! I forgot that Christians aren’t supposed to have any fun. I’ll just stick to my “Bible studies” and “gay bashing” like Jason suggested earlier.

You all can sure dish it out, but then you cry like little babies when I dish it right back. It's all good, though!

Seems like no matter what I say, you’ll find a reason to hate me!

P.S. Since when did Jesus and Jason become such great pals anyway?

your judgemental aunt said...

I introduced up Jesus and Jason on Friday. Jesus can't staop raving about him. I can't even get a prayer in edgewise.

sarah said...

Dani, even though in this particular instance I don't think you deserved a harsh response, I can't really blame anyone in responding to you in that way because you are unbelievably insulting at other times. Calling it insulting doesn't do it justice even. You're not a victim and when someone is as evil as you can be, it's difficult not to hold a grudge. That being said, it was nice to see that you can actually be kind of normal and a bit funny when you're not being really hurtful towards people.