Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I just thought of something. If one were to go on a diet (er, sorry, "make a lifestyle change") in order to lose weight, it would have have beneficial effects apart from the loss of weight. I'm not talking about raising self esteem and feeling good, I'm talking about money. If one eats less, then one is spending less money on food. Then one can spend that money on such life-enriching things such as bocce ball (which leads to more exercise), booze (light beer, which causes more weight loss), and pornography (which leads to more exercise). So losing weight isn't just good for your body, it's good for your wallet.

I bring this up because lately I've been pretty intent on working out regularly. Yesterday, I tried increasing the weight on my crappy 10-year-old dumbells, but found that I didn't have enough weights to do so. I would have been proud of myself for reaching this limit, but then I realized this meant that I need to go out and buy better weights. I want those cool ones you see in commericals, where you turn a knob and pull it out and it's at the weight you want. But I have no money! Solution? Starve myself.

Of course, I see the flaw in this reasoning. Healthy food is more expensive than artery-clogging food. You can buy a 5-pound burger from a fast food place for $3.00, but 1 pound of organic tofu meat product will cost you $10.00. Approximately. This leaves me, then, with Dr. Phronk's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: One must eat cheap burgers until one can afford weights, then one must use those weights to lose the blobs of fat added by said burgers. Whenever one needs a new exercise machine (or surgery to remove the gross stretched skin that this Solution results in), one repeats the process.

It's perfect. I should write a book on this.


Deb said...

Organic head of lettuce: $7.00

Weight Watcher's meeting: $12.00

Weight Watcher's dinner: $4.99

Gym membership: $599.00

Light beer & sex: Priceless

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Yeah...I figger ifya keep on eatin'-n-drinkin' alldat less-expensive bad'll save enuff money ferdat triple-bypass thatya may/maynot have inda future..

"Life".....It'sa swap-off..

Jason said...

Pride day may have been responsible for me gaining an extra 5 lbs. Now with this exam coming up, let's just say salad is not cutting it.

Timmy said...

i see a flaw or two in this process.

just dont eat any carbs. I lost a ton of weight that way.

Yamathan Contril said...

Oh, no, Taste of Chicago ...

Not that I have such a dainty figure. : /

Thanks for posting on my opening blog blurb, Phronk. Ah'm much oblidged.

Crassius Maximus said...

Nice. It is truly the paradox that drives us all...Eat well and not enjoy it, or eat like crap and lokk like it too.

Crassius Maximus said...

look!!! Damnitt!!!

madamerouge said...

vegetables are inexpensive
tofu = fart brick

Butchie said...

Eat less, do more, drink shitloads of water.

sarah said...

I got stuck on your pornography leading to excercise... You're implying that this leads to more sex, which is good excercise? Porn just leads to masturbation, yes? Not excercise except for you arm. Sorry to get stuck on the technicality.

However, and once you work out that pornography problem, I'll let you add this to your book with a footnote: if you're going jogging for free around your neighbourhood all the time, you don't have time to go out and spend money.

And I've thought about this for way way way too long right about two paragraphs ago. Why do you pull me into your web of procrastination? why?!

I'm not even supposed to be here today said...

"Solution? Starve myself." LOL!!!

There is definiately a financial incentive to get fat and stay that way. Think maybe the health care system is behind it all?

C'mon, go with me on this one. It's been a long since Iv'e gnawed my way through a good conspiracy theory!

Phronk said...

I will reply to everybody!

~Deb: The secret to Weight Watchers is to know the secret point forumla ( POINTS = calories/50 + fat/12 - fibre/4 (maximum of 1)). I'm so cheap I have it memorized. :)

Stevo: Yeah, life vs. hamburgers...tough choice.

Jason: Exams are a perfectly valid excuse for stuffing your face.

Indy: Flaw schmaw. I tried the low carb thing for a while...sure I lost weight, but I also felt like crap. I think I also lost my SOUL.

Yamathan: Ugh, Taste of London! I forgot about that stuff...I hope it's already over so more money and skinniness isn't wasted.

Crassius: True. And don't worry, lokk is a perfectly cromulent word.

Butchie: Get your unhealthy voodoo lifestyle advice off of my blog.

Sarah: I only meant to imply masturbation. Get your mind out of the gutter, jeeze. Only exercise for your arm? Well, that depends on how creative you are. Your jogging idea is flawed because it does not allow time for cheese, burgers, or cheeseburgers. Now rebut me with more procrastination, because procrastination love company.

Rachael: Maybe, but it's more likely that this guy is behind it.

Too far?

Shora said...

It's nice to see it's not only the female of the species that obsesses over this stuff. Can we see a pic of your musc-les?

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Yeah...Atheism v Everlasing-Life...tough choice..


Yamathan Contril said...


We all have to deal with being offered really good food. Taste Of Chicago is just running the gammut.

Finished tofu and TVP products are always more expensive than tofu. I'd say that simple tofu fills me up more, though.

If you don't go for some of the gimmicky crap, going vegetarian is less expensive. Resisting the urge to buy convenient crap is pretty hard, though.

Well, it was, until I learned to amuse myself by frying tofu occasionally. (Cold tofu in hot olive oil goes "CRACKLE POP SNAP!")

Superstar said...

LOL ;o) Love the"diet" and sexerices advices!! LOL ;o) think it will help me get my boobs into my bridesmaid dress???

Phronk said...

Shora, pics of me topless have been known to permanently blind those who are weak of will. It's far too dangerous to post them here.

Yamamathathan...sounds yummy. I had barbecued slices of tofu once, and it was surprisingly good.

your judgemental aunt said...

more purge less binge