Sunday, September 03, 2006

Food Logic Volume 2: Peanut Butter Coffee

Premise 1: Peanut butter tastes good with chocolate.
Premise 2: Chocolate tastes good with coffee.

Conclusion: Peanut butter tastes good with coffee.

I put my logic to the test this morning. Here is the recipe: 1 mug of coffee, 1 pack of sweetener (no sugar, thanks, I'm on a diet), and 1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter. Scoop peanut butter into mug, add cream and sweetener, then slowly stir in boiling hot coffee. Warning: using chunky peanut butter may result in injury.

How did it taste? This may seem surprising, but it was actually very good. The PB gave the coffee a mild nutty flavour, and also made it a bit creamier, presumably due to the "butter" part.

I'm surprised nobody has thought of this before (and they haven't; I searched Google for peanut butter coffee and found nothing). There is hazelnut coffee (mmmmm) and almond coffee (mmmmm), so what's so gross about peanut coffee? Nothing. Mmmmm! And butter? There's already butter caramel coffee at Tim Horton's. I'm just putting all this deliciousness together for the benefit of mankind. You'll see; Starbucks will see this blog and copy my idea, and soon there will be peanut butter coffee wherever there are pretentious people willing to pay too much for it (me included).

One disclaimer, though. When you get to the bottom of the mug, there is a thick sludge of PB that didn't want to dissolve. It feels like drinking warm snot. So, uh, there might be a few bugs to work out. But hey, the first 90% of the cup? Delicious! Try it!

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Harry J. Sachz said...

surprisingly, you got me to search for a peanut butter coffee solution on the interweb. i completely expected to see your site as number one in google for being the only person ever to mention something odd like this. however, i found peanut butter flavored coffee beans from Nature's

teh l4m3 said...

I don't care what he found, Phronk, this is brilliant. I want to make sweet, salty, slightly non-consentual love to your brain!!!

PS: Peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel coffee? I speculate, you decide!

Shora said...

Peanuts make Shora die.

Anonymous said...

How many points is peanut butter?

My Montreal weekend involved hundreds of points. :(


Butchie said...

How much fucking weed did you smoke, today?

Phronk said...

Sachz: Ooo, I can't believe I missed that! Apparently they ship to Canada, so I'm totally buying a few pounds.

Lame: All those things go well together. It may be a bit too much sweetness...but with Fry's cocoa and no added sugar? I'm totally trying it!

Shora: I'm totally sending you an envelope full of peanut dust.

Jason: It's 2.5 points for one tablespoon of No Name light peanut butter. That totally sucks.

Butchie: I totally don't remember.

Phronk said...

Oh and look, Peanut Butter CUP flavoured coffee. Mmmm. So maybe other people have thought of this...they're as smart as I.

your judgemental aunt said...

peanut butter makes everything better. Ever have peanut butter on an apple? Yumsytown!

Anonymous said...

You silly little man

S said...

Mmmm... peanut butter coffee... *drools*