Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pacific Mall. Wii.

So last weekend I went to Pacific Mall. It's the largest indoor Asian mall in North America. It was pretty kickass, with so many things that you wouldn't see in any other mall in Canada. Like DVDs that cost $20 for 7 of them. Depending on how lucky you are, some of them are actually DVD quality. The rest? A poorly compressed video of a guy in the movie theatre with a camcorder. Nice. And it's all perfectly legal, I'm sure.

Here are crappy cell phone pictures of other fun stuff.

This is basically what it looks like in there.

A robot liger. Awesome. The liger is pretty much my favourite animal.

This turtle's neck is friggin long. I think it's a mutant. And probably a teenager.

Hairy tattooed man-ass.

You can't really see it, but this is a screen along one of the hallways where they show a live feed of people getting tattoos inside the store. Neat.

Ancient stone relics guard the women's washroom.

Awesome fake iPods.

The other thing I did last weekend was extremely nerdy. I probably shouldn't be making this public. I waited in line to buy a Nintendo Wii. It's not as bad as some people; I only waited 3 hours, indoors, as opposed to the poor bastards who waited since 2 A.M. in the cold. I didn't even intend to wait in line...I just drove by the mall and happened to see a security guard letting a bunch of people in early, so I followed the crowd and ended up with a good place in a line. It would've been just wrong to give up such a privileged spot, right? Right? I'm normal right?

I managed to avoid getting shot. I guess Nintendo fans are less prone to violence than followers of Sony. There was almost a fight at the front of the line, though, so maybe not.

Here is a picture of the other hopeless losers in line with me. At least some were smart enough to bring chairs and/or entertainment with them.


High Power Rocketry said...

That is wild, an asian mall! I had no idea there was such a thing, I guess in mall country you need a place like an asian mall. In NYC we just have china towns etc.

Shora said...

You were in my neck of the woods and you didn't come visit? Damn you!

So, you got your WII? Got a review for me? My kid wants one. Cuz, y'know, having ever other game system known to man isn't enough. pfffft.

Anonymous said...

I could have done without the ass. It kinda reminds me of the guy in Red Dragon.

Jason said...

I have to check out this mall. I had NO idea this exists.

Yes, a WII review would be great.

Jason said...

ps. I had no problem with the hairy ass pic.

Butchie said...

Asian malls are cool. There is one in CHicago. Me likey.

madamerouge said...

Next time you're in town, we're going for beers.

Phronk said...

R2K: From what I gather, Markham is one giant China town. At least the part I was in.

Shora & Madame: I stopped by your places but nobody was home.

Holy: You love it.

Jason: It's definitely worth checking out. It's a tourist attraction in your own back yard. I hear there's also this thing called the "CN Tower" around there, which you may want to look into too.

S said...

Pacific Mall is scary.

I've been dragged there a few times and I feel so out of place.

your judgemental aunt said...

i so want to go to pasific mall but it's past bloor st (aka 2far4me). i'll have to stick with chinatown.

Anonymous said...

aww well the place isnt that bad =D;;;; personally, Pacific mall is a great hang out for me and my friends. There are a lot of FOBS there... I'm considered a fob myself XD;;..."haha" ...