Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Splenda Sucks

Splenda sucks. It tastes like powdered cardboard, and leaves a foamy film on the top of coffee and tea. They say "it tastes like sugar because it's made from sugar", but only proves that being made from something does not guarantee that it will taste the same. Sort of like how JELL-O is made from the scum scooped off a pot of boiling horse skin, bone, and hooves, but barely tastes anything like horses.

Also, apparently Splenda is poisonous. According to a "doctor" who earned her degree from a distance course and gives her book a 5-star rating from Amazon (by putting a picture of 5 stars beside the link to buy it; in real life, it's rated 3 stars. Bad doctor!) But still...it's gross.

Anyway, the blog's comments are working again. That's all I really wanted to write about, but somehow I ended up babbling about Splenda. Weird.


S said...

I worked for the company that represented Splenda.

I found that it tasted like nothing, like fluffy powder.

Anonymous said...

If you use the powdered SPLENDA, the taste is not good. Use the blend that comes in packets - specifically for flavoring coffee, iced tea, etc. Big difference.


Anonymous said...

Splenda has a ridiculous after taste. Especially if you use it in baking. And worse it doesn't cover up any flaws in other ingredients, like the unbelievable saltiness of philadelphia cream cheese in cheese cake. Splenda + philadelphia cream cheese= DISGUSTING.