Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Facial Hair is Awesome

Facial hair is awesome. In weather like this, (most) girls are stuck wearing scarves (or balaclavas), over their faces in order to stay warm (or rob banks). Dudes, however, can just forget to shave for a few days, and their bodies will weave their own built-in clothing all over their faces.

I may look like a homeless person, but I'm warmer than you. Fucker.

Oh, and behold: The 10 Best Five-o-Clock Shadows EVER!

P.S. Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day, so happy Valentine's Day. At least, happy V-Day for those with significant others. If you're single, it will probably be a day of soul-crushing sorrow, spent alone and hopeless. Fuckers.

P.S.S. Is it just me, or is "facial" a gross word? I dunno just sounds like something horrible or dirty.


Nölff said...

I see "facial" on the pornos all the time. That's how most porns end.

Jason said...

I wonder if when women hear that they are going to get a facial from their partner, they think they are getting a hot towel and some cucumber slices?