Friday, February 09, 2007

Things to See and Do

Hannibal Rising: I saw this movie last night at an advanced screening (you lowly common people can see it when it opens tonight). A lot of people say it ruins a character, especially a villain, when you know too much about their origin. I would say that it's not so much that it ruins them, but it's just not neccesary. OK, so Hannibal had bad things happen to him when he was a kid. A lot of people have bad things happen to them, but they don't all grow up to be cannibals. There is something unique that makes villains what they are, and that's the interesting part that no amount of back story can fully explain.

Hannibal Rising could really have been a standalone movie about a dude who happens to kill and eat people. It has no connections to the other movies in the series other than the character's name - except for cheesy forced connections, like the mask he puts on for no reason other than to echo the mask he wears in Silence of the Lambs. Is this meant to imply that Hannibal is psychic? How else would he know that he'd get caught and forced to wear a mask?

Anyway, it's an alright movie I guess, but not great. I probably wouldn't have been happy if I had to pay to see it, but for a free screening it was an OK way to waste 2 hours.

Colin James: Canadians may remember this dude from the 90's, with songs like Cadillac Baby and Breakin' Up the House. Back when swing was cool again, for a year. I went to see him with my dad the other night. It was a pretty kickass show. The guy can play guitar like a...a...really good guitar player. I suck at analogies. But yeah, it was good.

Survivor: Nondescript Tropic Island: I know everyone's been saying this for years, but this show needs to do something different. It's the same crap every season. The only twists are stupid shit like "instead of a hidden immunity idol, there are now TWO hidden idols! The game is changed forever!" No, no it's not. If they can't have it take place in the arctic or something (since no bikinis=no ratings), they could at least change what happens on the island. How about they have "real survivor", where they're just dropped off on the island with nothing at all. No challenges, no artificial limiting of resources, and just one rule: they have to kick someone off every week. They can figure out who goes however they want. They can still have two tribes, though, so the contestants can go all Stanford Prison Experiment on each other.

Lost: I still like this show a lot. But I'm getting the feeling that it's doomed to start sucking and/or get cancelled. This weird scheduling of the episodes and changing the time to 10:00 are bad signs. I just hope it can pick up the pace enough to keep people interested enough that it doesn't go bye-bye before the story is finished.


Jason said...

I was hoping that Hannibal Rising would have been good. Damn.

I really liked Red Dragon.

Plus, how did you get to see it early at a screener. What's your secret?

Phronk said...

Yeah, it's not terrible or anything, but not good.

I just know someone who got a free ticket for an early screening and couldn't go themselves. I've got these passes before...I guess they just give them away to various organizations for various reasons.

Timmy said...

Thanks, I will wait for DVD.

Dr. Zombie said...

I saw Hannibal Rising this last weekend also.

Meh. It was okay. Believe it or not, it was better than the book. In Thomas Harris' book, you actually feel like Hannibal is a good guy and you want to root for him to get the 'bad guys'.

I don't want to root for Hannibal. I want him to be the scary badass he was in Silence of the Lambs where, when you realize he's out of the cuffs, you crap yourself in fear.

THAT'S the power of this character.

Shora said...

Same brain. That freaks me out. But probably freaks you out even more. Wait, I dropped out of grade 3. But yeah, other than that? Same brain.