Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Country Music" is an Oxymoron

I am going to a psychology conference for a few days. V and I will be driving to Ottawa, and she will probably make me listen to country music much of the way there.

I really love country music. Here is some fan mail:

Dear Carrie Underwood,

Maybe the reason he cheated is that his girlfriend is batshit crazy and prone to destroying property when she gets angry. You know who else expresses frustration with violence? Osama Bin Laden. I hope Jesus takes the wheel and drives you straight to hell.

P.S. Your music makes me puke out of my ears.



limpy99 said...

I love that song, mostly because I imagine the part afterwards where the guy has the batshit crazy chick arrested and thrown in jail.

Sing now you crazy trollop!!

your judgemental aunt said...

but you like dolly parton, right?

tornwordo said...

I love the title.

madamerouge said...

I think the video for "Before He Cheats" is an affront to the suffering of the city of New Orleans. It should be banned.

I cannot stand her.

Salem said...

^^ don't know what you're talking about, and I want to keep it that way.

Mitzzee said...

so it'll be a carrie underwood drive then.....i take it. lol

sarah said...

you are hilarious!

Phronk said...

It was as horrible as I imagined it.

However, I didn't hear that song at all during the drive, which is good I guess.

Jason said...


Then don't go here.