Sunday, June 24, 2007


I made a new blog type thing. It uses something called Tumblr, which is sort of a cross between Blogger and Twitter. You just push a button to post anything you find on the web, and it shows up on this Tumblr blog. It also imports info from other hip Web 2.0 things like, Digg, Twitter, Blogger, etc. It's all quick and easy, and ends up being more like a scrapbook than a blog.

Check it out:

One shitty thing is that it only displays a max of 15 things per page. I've been hitting the "share on Tumblr" button whenever I find anything remotely interesting in the last few days, and stuff goes off the main page quick. So it needs work, but could be a pretty cool little tool for you blogger types.


Canopenner said...

I dont like the post headers but otherwise that is some cool shiz.

Nölff said...

It's kind of like a public google notebook

Phronk said...

Canopenner: Yeah I wish it was easier to customize and did more, but it's neat.

Nolff: Hey cool, I'd never seen Google Notebook before. Looks like fun.

Now I have anything I post here or on Google notebook automatically post on Tumblr which automatically posts back here in the sidebar. It's like everything I do anywhere on the internet ripples out in a privacy-destroying wave of public information.

sarah said...

I don't really get it or see the necessity of it, but I guess blogs are useless too. SO TECH SAAVY, Phronk!

Oh, speaking of which, why are you now 'Mike' in comments. it's confusing to poor me who knows you as Phronky.

Harry J. Sachz said...

social sites left to conquer:


btw... can you edit the css? or is it locked down to specific templates?

Phronk said...

Sarah: Yeah, it's like a blog except less carefully constructed, and so even more pointless. I dunno why I'm Mike...I was playing around with other blog stuff and I must have changed something. Hopefully I'm Phronky again now.

Sachz: I'd never heard of Jaiku or Virb. They look nice but the same as Blogger/Tumblr/Wordpress/everything else. You can edit the CSS in Tumblr, but I think there are limits on it (e.g. only 15 posts per page...which is annoying when each Digg or song counts as a post).