Friday, September 14, 2007

One Hundred Original Ideas for Horror Movies (#25 - 30)

25. Ginger Snaps Red Dawn Dawn of the Red: A mysterious signal from space causes the people of Earth to have an irrational hatred of people with red hair. As the ginger holocaust forces the gingervitis-infected underground, they begin to breed an army of ginger kids trained to set fire to their foes...with their minds. The ginger army emerges, and the world is covered in their flames.

It's sorta like Village of the Damned, except creepier, and nothing like Village of the Damned.

Inspiration for this idea came from this.

26. Your Parents Having Sex: It's two hours of your parents having sex. Scariest movie ever.

27. P. O. Z.: The world's first zombie movie told from the perspective of the zombie. Here is an excerpt from the script:
  • Main Character: "Uuuungh."
  • Zombie 2: "Uuungh?"
  • Main Character: "Uuungh uungh. Nuuh, gu fuuuuugh."
  • Zombie 2: "Ghf! Nrrrguuh, uuuurgh duh iiuungh."
  • Zombie 2 gets shot in the head.
  • Main Character: "Uuuuungh."

28. Hypnautical: That's just a cool title. Let's say it's evil hypnotist on a boat? Who cares? Look at that title, man.

29. Cruise Control: Tom Cruise goes crazy - er, remains crazy - and decides to conquer the world. His first plan involved becoming an actor, joining a cult, jumping on couches, entering a doomed marriage with a younger woman, and eating her placenta. When this sequence of events failed to imbue him with unlimited power as he had hoped, he moved on to plan B:

Still bitter over his breakup with Nicole Kidman, Cruise teams up with his former enemy, the evil alien Lord Xenu, in his final attempt to both take over the world and get revenge on Kidman and all of her kind. He asks Xenu to send a mind-control signal from space that will cause irrational hatred of redheads. The world is covered in their flames.


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Shora said...

And thus completes the circle of life. Dude, get thee to Hollywood.

sarah said...

You're hilarious. I loled. :)

Pavel Chekov said...

I was a gingerkid. Now I'm a grayish-gingerish adult. I'm just not Feeling as gingery as I used to.

madamerouge said...

A mysterious signal from space causes the people of Earth to have an irrational hatred of people with red hair.

As a redhead, I can tell you we pretty much already received that signal. I get NOTHING.

Um... poz has an entirely different meaning that you might not have been aware of.

Phronk said...

Tom Cruise has succeeded then. I knew it.

It's "pee oh zee", not poz. But you're right, I wasn't aware of that. Next you'll be telling me that there are alternate meanings for...I dunno...bear.

P.S. I know it should be "zed", but it's funner to betray my country.