Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Win at Digg

Digg is a "social news" site where people submit stories then other people vote on which stories get to make it to the front page. Each story also has a comments section, in which people can "digg up" comments they like. Once in a while I like to throw in a random comment to see how many people digg it.

I recently used the digg comment stalker to see which of my comments got the most diggs. Here are the top 4.

They're much better out of context, but you can click to see the actual comments if you so desire.

And if you have a digg account, be sure to add me, phronko, to your friends. It's gone all Facebook lately, and I'd feel much less lonely if anonymous internet people pretended they knew me.


Jason said...

I don't even need the context and I like them.

Yes, I'm getting overwhelmed with stumbleupon, delicious, reddit, digg, facebook etc... I never got into myspace.

Here's my new secret addiction (I don't share this with many people cause I get all my neat shit here):


Phronk said...

It's not a secret any more. News flash: Everyone who's anyone reads my blog.

That does look pretty cool though. Should save some time with the Digg et al. addiction.

Harry J. Sachz said...

I added you as a Digg friend a while back. The funny thing is, when I see that little green flag on the Digg button (telling me that someone on my friends list has dugg the same story), I can usually tell which ones you dugg before I hover over and it tells me. Scary. I guess that means I read your blog way too much...

Pavel Chekov said...

Yay! I know someone famous!