Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Triumph

I was poking around the NaNoWriMo web site's forums, and came across this writing practice thing called prompting. The idea is that someone posts a short "prompt", then everyone else has 15 minutes to write whatever they want about that prompt.

I saw that a prompt had just been posted: "In Triumph". Written like that, with a capital T. So I ran with it and excreted a quick and dirty little story in 10 minutes, and I thought I would dump it on my web log.

It's a heart-worming story about the light at the end of the tunnel. Here is "In Triumph":

Doug snuggled up close to his friend Henry.
"It's almost time," said Doug.
As if in response, the walls around him shook. A deep rumbling filled their ears.
"I'm still skeptical," said Henry. "It's not the usual time. He hasn't even had supper yet!"
Doug wriggled up closer to the exit.
"I see light!" he said. "Really, it's almost time!"
The walls shook again. Globs of thick slime dripped down from the pink ceiling. The wet ground inched forward, sliding toward the exit.
"I guess you're right," said Henry. "He must've eaten something gross."
"Well we wouldn't be here if he wasn't prone to doing that," said Doug.
They began to laugh together, but then the tube began to shake and rumble again. They had to wrap their long bodies around each other to keep from slipping down to the exit.
"I'm scared," said Henry.
"Don't worry," said Doug. "I've done this a million times. Something else will come along in no time and we'll have a brand new host."
"I guess a change of scenery 'll be nice."
"That's the spirit."
A bright light blossomed at the end of the tunnel.
"Here we go!" squealed Doug, and the two worms, tail-in-tail, slid to freedom.
As they began the first moments of their new life together, they could hear a booming voice far above their heads.
"Good boy!" said the booming voice. "Good poo poo! Who's a good boy? Triumph's a good boy!"


Dead Robot said...

No. Words. To. Describe...

They should have sent a poet...

SharkBoy said...

I loved it...
You had me going and wondering up until the end.. YEH

sirbarrett said...

Oh no! I was thinking they somehow were going to get back out of the entrance but the exit no! Failure! Dirty, dirty failure! Triumph is the only one to triumph. I don't have sympathy for worms but, well, now I have sympathy for worms. You made me do it. Good story.

sarah said...

I imagined their long bodies were two poops wrapped together before I figured out they were worms. Two poops on their way out and comforting each other is a good story too though. Next time!