Saturday, October 27, 2007


I watched this new show called Phenomenon on Wednesday. Basically, it's American Idol with magicians (mentalists, to be specific). Criss Angel plays the part of Simon Cowell, and Uri Geller plays the part of Paula Abdul.

First of all, I loved the show. It's all done live (supposedly), which gives it a realistic feeling that you don't get with a lot of modern magic on TV (e.g., Mindfreak or David Blaine's specials). The guy with the nailgun was particularly intense; you know he probably won't screw it up, but just knowing there's a small chance he'll puncture his brain on live television is enough to keep it interesting. The bear trap guy was less impressive. Dude, you didn't even hide the fact that you switched the trap. And are you in pain or not? At least keep your act consistent.

But there is a degree of confusion in this show that sorta pisses me off. On one hand, there's Uri Geller there, who claims to have "real" psychic abilities. In the introductions to the contestants, some of them told stories about sensing the death of a loved one, or whatever. The show seems to foster the belief that these people really do read minds.

On the other hand, Criss Angel is there. I think Criss Angel is awesome. If you watch carefully, you see that his approach is actually quite skeptical. On his show, he sometimes reveals how he did his tricks. He refers to his feats as "illusions" or "demonstrations", and never claims to have any supernatural abilities. I think this was epitomized in one episode of Mindfreak, when he spent the entire episode putting on a seance and freaking people out by having them see and feel ghosts. At the very end of the show, he said something like "so do you believe in ghosts now? I don't." Nice. On Phenomenon, these people are illusionists; what they do is amazing, but not supernatural. They can make it look like they are reading minds, but they are not. It's awe-inspiring in a similar manner to really good special effects in a movie. You almost believe it's real, but you know it's not.

Phenomenon can't decide if it's trying to amaze us by tricking us into thinking it's real, or by showing us really good performances by people who we know are trying to trick us. Now, you know I'm not one to completely dismiss psychic phenomena. There's something to them, and they're worth researching scientifically. But nobody in their right mind is going to believe that flawless mindreading is going to happen on a reality show (nor any other silly game). I'd be more impressed if the show was up front about that.

My guess is that Uri Geller prevents it. He wants people to believe that stage magic is a genuine demonstration of psychic abilities, so that his own stage magic thrives. The dude does some impressive stuff, but come on, he can't really bend spoons with his mind. Again, with him, I'd be more impressed if he didn't put on the whole "everything I do is because I'm actually psychic" act. He did a demonstration of his "abilities" live on the show, by having the audience choose a symbol (one of the five Zener card symbols) that he had sealed in an envelope. It just barely worked out - and hey Uri, any chance you always pick the star in demonstrations like this? How about randomly selecting the symbol next time?

Anyway, like I said, loved the show, but I do wish it wouldn't perpetuate the myth that stage mentalism and "real" paranormal phenomena are the same, or even related. I have a long standing interest in both, but they are completely separate things.

Bonus fact: Uri Geller designed the logo for *N Sync. It must have taken all his psychic energy to conjure up a star to put in front of the band's name. Oh hey! Maybe it's related to the fact that most people out of any randomly selected group will choose a star over other symbols. Well played, Uri.


sarah said...

Well put! I was going to disagree with you because I thought you were discrediting psychicness at first. But yeah, the distinction you make is important. But of course this stupid tv show is going to conflate everything because it's easier for the general public to understand. They got to dumb everything down I guess.

Nölff said...

But r they can shoot laser?

Pavel Chekov said...

Psychic power is BULLSHIT and Uri Geller is a HORSE'S ASS who isn't fit to lick the bottom of my shoe. Anybody who believes in that crap might just as well spend all of their money on supporting Baby Jeebus. It's all the same crap.

Pavel Chekov said...

Did i say crap? I'm sorry, what I meant to say was, "SHIT".

Phronk said...

Sarah: Yeah. If everyone was smart like us, TV would be a lot better.

M7-031y-125: They have chosen not to show us their mind-lasers yet.

Chekov: I have to disagree with you here. Yes, a lot of - probably the majority of - stuff labeled as "psychic" is crap. But there is a small subset of it all that remains when you brush away the bullshit. I'm speaking specifically of some findings in scientific parapsychology. There seems to be a way to, say, communicate at a distance using thought alone. It's a tiny, subtle effect, but it doesn't go away when you study it carefully. These findings are as well established than many psychological effects that we accept without question, and better established than some actual bullshit that people think is real (e.g., Freud).

Even if it turns out to be bullshit after all, it's worth looking into at the moment. I don't think it should be lumped in with religion and dismissed.