Monday, March 03, 2008


OMG I have internet again.

I remember when I used to say things like "I got internet" as a joke, because the internet is one thing, so it should be "I got access to the internet" or something. But it really doesn't sound as funny anymore. Maybe because (the?) internet has become so common that it's a necessary utility like power or water. "I have internet again", then, isn't so different than "I have electricity again".

I am a cunning linguist.

But anyway, the reason I have internet again, or more specifically, the reason I didn't have it for a while, is that I just moved to a new place. My own place. I can do whatever I want cook gross foods that nobody else likes. In my underwear.

Just as soon as I get blinds.

Here is a deep thought:

Being lazy is often associated with being messy, because lazy people don't bother cleaning. However, what if someone is so lazy that they don't bother making a mess in the first place?

Thank you and goodnight.


sarah said...

welcome to a new home and fresh start!!

Jennifer said...

I aspire to be that lazy. That's profound.

SharkBoy said...

My boss once told me I was lazy... and when I made lazily made a face, she said she meant it as a compliment... she explained that because I was lazy I found better way of doing certain things faster than the way they had done them in the past... I would've punched her but I was too lazy.

Welcome to the new home. Has your dog adjusted to the new environment yet?

madamerouge said...

beware splatter while cooking in underwear

Shora said...

And as Jason will tell you, don't make soup loaded with hot peppers and then pee without washing your hands firt. I love love love Jason's cooking stories.

Happy new home babe, living with a houseful of males I often miss solitude... that other side greener grass thingy.

Anonymous said...

It's easier to clean up after yourself than after another person.

BTW underwear is over-rated. If I had a house to myself, I'd be walking around naked every day.

Oh, was that too much information? Oops? Sorry :).