Friday, April 18, 2008

Bonus Time

One of my favourite things in life is when you find bonus time. Like if you thought an hour of your time would be taken up with something, but then you no longer have to do it, so it's like your day just got one hour longer.

This happens to me when someone doesn't show up to an experiment I'm supposed to be running. I could focus on the fact that I wasted 15 minutes waiting for them, and I'll have to spend another hour sometime in the future to replace them, but screw that! In the short term, it's an extra hour.

Yesterday it was beautiful outside, so I spent my bonus hour taking the bus way too far past my stop, then walking until I found something interesting. I found myself in Coffee Culture on Richmond. It's a new coffee franchise that's sorta like Starbucks but sorta not. I got an iced cappuccino and it was pretty damn tasty. Plus they have free WiFi, so I could work on my paper about zombies and (vampires) somewhere other than my boring old usual desk.

I should find some friends next time, though. I always feel like a lonely douchebag taking up a whole table by myself. Nobody likes a lonely douchebag.

Every coffee shop (and there are so many in London one on every block. It's trying to be like a big city I guess) should have WiFi. Starbucks should be able to afford it, with their $5.00 coffees. Starbucks, you can be a real douchebag sometimes.

I just really like writing "douchebag" today.


(stolen from here.)


Jen said...

For some reason (you can guess!) I don't talk abou tit on the ol' blog, but I took my MA and got me a job at S'bucks. I always tell people that they can probably find a free signal, which they usually can :) But I agree with you - there's no good reason to not provide free wireless. I'm lucky enough to have an awesome wireless cafe (Linux cafe) pretty close to my apartment, and I'll be going there fairly often once I get my laptop fixed!

jali said...


Phronk said...

Jen: Awesome. Most of my friends work at Starbucks. I think it's a pretty sweet job. Now you all just need to get together and convince your higher-ups to get WiFi in there and it will be perfect.

Jali: I know.

Tai said...

There's a dog in your coffee and your worried about an extra spoon!?!

Anonymous said...

Dude, bonus sleep time is GREAT - i.e. when you wake up an hour before your alarm, start to get out of bed, and then realize you can TKO for another hour. SO GOOD.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I like the coffee. I couldn't drink that face!!

Unknown said...

It's like that face is begging you not to drink it..

Phronk said...

Tai: Well it's not my coffee, but if it was, I'd be worried that my apartment was haunted by the ghosts of artistic chefs or something.

Bee: Yeah, that's some pretty sweet bonus time too. Sometimes it can be "well, I should get up, but if I skip breakfast, another half hour won't hurt".

AG & Sunmyst: You two are soft. I'd totally drink that face and laugh as I did it.