Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eternal Success and Happiness

I don't have time to blog. Here is why:
  • I have a 15 page research proposal due tomorrow. I wasn't joking's actually about horror movies, and actually pretty genius. George Romero and Sam Raimi and Robert Rodriguez are totally gonna hire me and give me millions of dollars to give them advice.
  • I also have to mark papers all day every day. The sad truth is that more than half of them will never get picked up by the students who wrote them, and nobody will see my extremely useful comments. The ones that do,, with my advice, those people are going places.
  • I have been very busy not enjoying the wonderful weather outside, and instead doing things like moving heavy furniture in it all day (which is better than moving in snow or rain, but still), and looking longingly out the window as I mark and write papers.
  • I wrote a very bitter blog post, but it sorta sucked because I'm not used to being bitter, so I didn't post it. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I've managed to fit some drinking in there, and it's not good to drink and blog.

Oh, and Sarah told me that my comments section here on the blog didn't allow anonymous comments before, which totally isn't the way I wanted it, so I fixed it. Now all you anonymous stalkers, who I know are out there reading my blog every single day, can leave anonymous comments! I don't care if they're mean; just let it out. It's OK. You can also ask for advice, because I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my advice is very useful and will bring you eternal success and happiness.

Edit: Oops I almost forgot...happy 4/20!


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA I shall comment you anonymously! So here's how I found your blog.
Platypus shit down. That's all.
Annnd now I love reading you, shhh don't tell :)
Nebraska loves you!

Phronk said...

Woohoo, my plea worked! Awww I love Nebraska too.

I was platypus-shit down until you commented.

sirbarrett said...

Oh man, speaking of Rodriguez, I can't wait until Machete comes out. I hope that trailer on Grindhouse wasn't sh*ting me cause I really wanna see that movie. Maybe you can work on it too?

Phronk said...

I'd totally see that movie 5 times. Unfortunately, I do think that Grindhouse was shitting you. It was shitting all of us. Shit.