Monday, April 28, 2008

Light My Fire

There ain't nothin' better than sittin' around a roarin' camp fire on a cool summer night, drinkin' and eatin' cheese-filled Grill'ems.

The best part is that your coat smells like camp fire for days afterwards. Such a good smell.

Plans for today include hung-over proctoring. I forgot to bring a book or Nintendo DS for something to do, so I'll either be really intense in weeding out the cheaters, or more likely, will end up staring into space and sniffing my coat for 3 hours. Good times either way.


See also: Sarah's Handy Tips for Proctoring "Invigilating"


sarah said...

You should refer to my guide for things to do during INVIGILATING for handy tips on things to keep your mind occupied.

You're allowed to read a book or play DS??????? We are not even allowed to sit!!

Phronk said...

That's horrible! For us it depends on the exam. If it's a small one, it's easy to read or do whatever. But even for big ones, a lot of the time the prof just takes off, so there ain't no rules.

Haha I thought of your handy tips. I should add a link to this post for handy future reference.

Dead Robot said...

Cheese filled Grill'Ems are a staple camping accessory. Along with burnt upper palates. MAN I love those things!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Hung over proctoring. That's funny.

sarah said...

No man... they are very strict! It's the worst. I quit this semester after a day. I was like, eff that noise! Invigilating is not even a real word!