Thursday, April 03, 2008

One Month Out

This is now an emo blog where I become very complainy and whine about my problems.

As most people reading this know, my life is in a state of change right now. It's been about a month since I got, for all intents and purposes, divorced. Now I'm living on my own and starting a new life and all that. Just like Balki Bartokomous.

For the first month it was novel and new and mostly enjoyable. Now that that's worn off, I've partly gotten used to it, but I'm also starting to miss things.

I miss my dog, Willow, a lot. Looking at pictures of her makes me so happy and so sad at the same time.

I don't know how people live through divorces with their human kids. No wonder a lot of old people get cranky and unpleasant. Note to self: Don't let that happen.

Of course, I also miss V. (I wonder if she still reads this. Hi?) We both know that splitting was for the best, but that doesn't make her any less of an awesome person, nor does it mean that I didn't love being with her.

I also miss the idea of being with someone. This is probably what all single people feel like once in a while, but since it's been six fucking years since I was last single, to me it's like I'm regressing into an emotional teenager. I've got a newfound craving for human contact. Hence this blog's recent updatedness, which, even though it's just words on a screen and I don't take it all too seriously, is genuinely social in some sense.


Um yeah. But I'm fine. And not just in the sense that crazy people are always like "I'm fine. Deep breaths. I'm fine. No, stop staring, I'm fine. Deep breaths." No, I'm fine. I'm not depressed or anything, I've got wonderful friends and family (hi friends and family), and it's almost spring. And like I said, I'm determined to not let myself get bitter. Life always has its shitty parts, but it's the awesome parts that make it worth living.

You can take that last sentence and put it on a motivational poster if you'd like.

Sometimes the world looks perfect: Nothing to rearrange.

Sometimes you get a feeling like you need some kind of change.

No matter what the odds are this time, nothing’s going to stand in my way.

This flame in my heart, and a long lost friend.

Gives every dark street a light at the end.

Staaaaaaanding taaaaaaaall, on the wings of my dream.

Riiiiiiiiiise and faaaaaaall, on the wings of my dream.


Tai said...

Gosh Phronk, those are almost as good as, "You are the wind beneath my wings." But sadly, not quite.

I was hanging around Dani's blog (why do I do that to myself?) and saw your comments...thought to myself, 'I must go visit Phronk'.
So I did. And here I am.

Jason said...

Maybe Dani was on your blog trying to figure out what her vigina was supposed to look like.

Phronk said...

Tai: Cheers to you too! I think subjecting ourselves to Dani's blog is similar to watching a horror movie. It's gross and disturbing but you can't turn away.

Dr. Jason: Must've been her. She knows what it's for, though - pleasing her husband whenever he demands pleasing, and for making lots of babies to train in God's army.

sarah said...

I was going to comment the lyrics to the perfect strangers theme song but then you beat me to it!!! WE ARE PSYCHIC TOGETHER. I have a story to tell you involving how I picked up a guy by singing 80s theme songs, including this one on Monday. Anyway, that is my favourite song and good words to live by.

Anonymous said...


(That would be a great subliminal message for Labatt.)

Phronk said...

Sarah: Are you sure it was on Monday and not in your head just now when you tried to pick me up by commenting the Perfect Strangers theme song?

Bee: That is sound advice. Thank you.

madamerouge said...

You won't be single for long. I mean, you'll take the time you need... but someone'll snatch you up.


Listen to "Willow" by Joan Armatrading. There's a media player right on her website. It's track 5.

Phronk said...

Thanks man. Awww, that's a nice song. It's gonna make me cry 'n shit.

Dead Robot said...

Why not take up busy-making hobbies where you meet other attractive singles like...


Phronk said...

Good idea. Maybe meatcutting?

Yeah I dunno.

Butchie said...

Dude, if you can hook up a three way with two chicks, it will TOTALLY make you feel better.

Phronk said...

I'd be happy with a two-way right now. Anything is better than constant, non-stop one-way. While crying.