Thursday, April 24, 2008

See Food

Sometimes blogging seeps into real life. Like yesterday, when I took pictures of food, and my friend was like "are you gonna put this on your blog?", and I was like "yes." Well, a promise is a promise.

This is now a trendy hipster blog where I post pictures of my everyday life and food.

We went to Green Tea (which sunmyst actually recommended last time I blabbed about food) to brainstorm about a top secret upcoming video game project that will take the world by storm. It was twenty bucks for all you can eat sushi. Here, we're partway through the first round:

It was all delicious (except for the glaring omission of choctopus). The sushi pizza was huge and tasty, and there was a mystery food referred to only as "Arctic", which turned out to be a highlight.

This is after most of the second round. We ate a lot of food. That little ball thing is a custard ball, which was surprisingly tasty. I downed 3 of those cocksuckers. No food was wasted, which is good, given Green Tea's motto:

While we ate, I Am Legend was playing on big screens. Because nothing sets the dinner mood better than a horror movie.

This is a very heavy traffic cone:

I was going to take a picture of the side of my building, because it is very ominous looking. Then I could show it to people in real life, and post it for people here, and they'd be like "dude, you really live there? That's a very ominous place." But really, it's only ominous from the side.

That's when my phone ran out of memory, though. So please, just use your imagination to guess what the picture would have looked like, and also imagine the hilarious yet poignant caption that would have gone with it.


Tai said...

"dude, you really live there? That's a very ominous place."

My imagination is also a very ominous place.

(Great, now I'm starving for sushi and I'm broke. Send money. Thanks.)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to go back to Green Tea.. glad you enjoyed it!

sarah said...

oh! so hipster!!!

Gledwood said...

food porn = ;->...

tornwordo said...

I take a picture at every meal and everyone thinks I'm a freak. Especially at McDonalds.

Jason said...

you can lose weight and do "all you can eat" places?

so jealous... right now, i'm off to buy some bland crappy cottage cheese

Phronk said...

Tai: I'm glad imagining worked. I think every post from now on will just be "imagine something really cool."

Sunmyst: Yeah it was awesome...I can't wait to go back either.

Sarah: Yeah it's my new lifestyle choice. Soon I'll be wearing ironic clothing and judging music purely by how obscure it is.

Gledwood: Haha yep. I think I caught the custard balls dipping themselves in the tea at one point.

Tornwordo: That is pretty freakish. McDonalds pictures always disappoint since they look nothing like the pictures on the menu.

Jason: When you walk a few miles to get there and it's the first meal all day, it's not so fattening.

Anonymous said...

I have a hole like that in my parking lot at my apartment. I got back to vacation and I thought it was the new fad for London, pot holes everywhere.