Saturday, May 31, 2008

Away Message

I probably won't be blogging for approximately two weeks. If you keep coming back here every day and getting disappointed and/or suicidal because there is nothing new to read, here is what you can do. Look at the white square below and imagine a really awesome, though-provoking post in it, or a picture of a hot chick/dude, or if you're really good at imagining, a hilarious Youtube video:

Imagine something different every day, and it's probably better than anything I could blog about. Maybe I shouldn't even come back.



SharkBoy said...

Come back soon... I'm jonesing
Seriously... if you come to TO, let DeadRobot and I know

Dead Robot said...

You better come back! I have a boring job right now and your posts sustain me.

Tweet/tumblr much. Actually don't I find the widget on my blog slowing down it's loading time. I may trash it.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You have to come back. However, go -- enjoy the time off.

Jenn said...

where are you going?

Jenn said...

and the fact that i'm number 3 weighs quite heavily on the "i'm going to change my name" pros list.

Phronk said...

Sharkboy & Dead Robot: I'll be stopping in Toronto for a few hours at a time. Depending on how plans turn out, I may send one of you an email later.

AG: Thanks!

Jenn: I was just in Montreal, tomorrow Toronto, then Vancouver, White Rock, Vancouver Again, Toronto Again, Halifax, Toronto Yet Again, London. Whew. Oh and your name is cool because it has two Ns, so at least it's written differently than most of your kind. But as yet another Mike, I sympathize with the urge to change it. :)

Anonymous said...

I am imagining that bunny with a pancake on its head.

It is wonderful.

Jason said...

Sounds like you're on tour with a band or something.

Shora said...

The sadistic technology demons in my computer security department have taken away my right to check your blog during business hours. BAStards. But I'm finding I kinda like the large dose I now save for weekends. Anyway, just feeling the urge to gush all over you about how damn good your blog is. Babe, you're the best out there.