Monday, May 19, 2008

Nom Nom Nom

Snack foods often come in pairs. Chips go with dip, nachos go with salsa, etc. I think these pairs are deliberately designed so that you can never buy them together in just the right amount. For example, you buy a bag of Tostitos and a jar of salsa, but by the time you're done the bag of nachos, there's a bit less than half a jar of salsa left. So you buy another bag of Tostitos, but FUCK!, you need another jar of salsa.

I bet food corporations do this on purpose. I would, if I were a food corporation.

I still love snacks though. Snacks really make the world go 'round. Meals get all the attention, but are very formal, requiring so much planning and commitment. Such a hassle. I think a lot more great relationships and alliances have been formed with the phrase "hey, wanna come up to my place? I've got snacks" than with "excuse me kind sir, would you mark your schedule for a dining appointment?"

In conclusion: SNACKS!!!!!!!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I want no part of that action. No part.

Anonymous said...

I believe the proper title is "OM NOM NOM NOM

tornwordo said...

At this moment I have FOUR jars of salsa in the fridge with like a third in each one. I just went and counted. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Ahh - and don't forget the wonderful world of asian snacks. From instant noodles and instant dumplings to toast with condensed milk and shrimp chips, the options for quick yummy goodness increase at least two-fold!

Phronk said...

AG: Everyone likes snacks. You so want a part in it.

Bee: OMG I ommitted the om!

Torn: Haha yeah that's another side effect! You buy a whole new jar when you already have leftovers. They multiply like rabbits.

Von: Mmmm I love asian snacks. So much variety. Some of it is questionable though. I once got two nearly-identical looking cookie snack things with random pictures of animals on them. One was the most delicious cookie snack thing I ever had. The other was a flavour I've never had in my mouth before, and it wasn't entirely pleasant.

Ubersehen said...

Seriously, you can solve your salsa problem simply by loading your nachos with more salsa on each dip. Or buy a smaller jar.

But really, I think you need to include more examples of snack combos... I would posit that "nachos and salsa" are actually a subcategory of "chips and dip", and therefore you have only actually provided us with one example. As a result, I came away from this post feeling empty, which is just wrong considering it was about delicious snacks.

Also, I have too much time on my hands. If I had snacks on my hands, alternatively, this would be a better situation. I'm going to get some lunch.

Phronk said...

But see, I like a certain ratio of chip to salsa. Any more and it's ruined. I'm sure they engineered average jar sizes based on the average person's ratio. SURE.

You discovered my horrible secret...I can't think of other examples. There's the obvious hot dog one (12 hot dogs per package, but only 8 buns per package), but that isn't snack food. And I just love the word "snack", so I twisted reality.

Hummus and pita chips? No...still chips and dip.

Uhh...cheese dip and..?...DAMMIT