Wednesday, May 28, 2008


When I first heard of Twitter, I didn't see the point. It's been described as "micro blogging"; the idea is that any posts (or "tweets") that you create are limited to 140 characters. You're also supposed to limit the content to answering the question "what are you doing?" Any posts you make show up on the site (and optionally, instant messages and text messages) of anyone else you've befriended who uses Twitter.

So it's sort of a combination between Facebook status updates and blogging. I used to think that there was no point in using a 3rd site to serve functions redundant with 2 other sites. However, recently I've added local people like KevBo and Deys, and old blogfriend Sachz, to my friends list, and I'm beginning to see the point.

When following real people, Twitter is like a constant stream of information about what others are doing. It's part voyeurism, but can also serve useful purposes. I can imagine someone "tweeting" about something going down at Victoria Park, then getting the message on my cell phone, wherever I am, and going to check it out. Or if a bunch of friends used it, one could write about being bored, and others could start tweeting their own boredom until an event gets organized. Stuff like this seems popular in the super-geeky tech crowd (e.g., it played a big role in that Sarah Lacy scandal, as well as many impromptu parties, at SXSW), but it could also be useful for everyday people like you and me. Well, like you.

So you should all add me to Twitter: CLICK HERE TO ADD ME JUST FUCKING CLICK IT RIGHT NOW. If you don't have an account yet, consider making one. Especially if I know you in real life. Oh, and I added a little Twitter feed over there ---> on the sidebar, so you can totally stalk me throughout the day as I update you on my every move. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

I see you already are using twitter feed so I cant recommend that to you, but there is something for facebook you might like.

Its an application on Facebook (if you use the face) that will forward your status changes to twitter. The app is called:


Ive found it useful and easy to use, but if youre going to check it our make sure to play with the limited options in the options/setting page of the application

Dead Robot said...

Added. Begrudgedly. I don't see why this exsists for anyone who doesn't have ADD

Phronk said...

Kevbo: Thanks! Added. It looks useful...and luckily it doesn't go both ways. Seeing "@person OMG LOL" in my Facebook status might confuse people. :)

DR: I have ADD.

Dead Robot said...

Oh well then. I'll just add some mustard to that foot.

Unknown said...

I just joined Twitter a little while ago, and still don't see the point of it.. but I guess if I was following more people it might more interesting..

SeangSTM said...

Had one...deleted it.

When I was hanging with cool peeps and interrupting meaningful conversations to txt "Stm007 is hanging with cool peeps and having meaningful conversations..." all just seemed so banal.

Anonymous said...

Added you. Why?
You told me to fucking click it right now and I like assertive people.

Anonymous said...

Had used Twitter a while ago, but ended up deleting my account because some douche stole the customized wallpaper from my twitter page. From that point on I despised the service.

However, more recently, the iPhone came out with an app called "Twinkle" -- which allows you to see all the other people twittering withing a 50 mile (adjustable) radius from your location. So I gave it another shot. That, and it is a really easy way to get national and technology news instantaneously... It really brings some highly addictive usefulness.

Truth be told, I check my Twitter feed like a fiend during the work day to see if others are having a similarly boring time and / or catch up on local stuff.

Good stuff. Oh, and the only advice I can give is -- It is only interesting when you follow a lot of (relevant) twitterers and have a bunch of (relevant) twitterers following you. That's when it gets cool.